Quote of the Day! Monsieur Verdoux (1947)

monsieur Verdoux


Superb black comedy directed by Charlie Chaplin about an urbane cynical vegetarian, cat-loving bigamist Bluebeard who supports his invalid wife Mona (Mady Correll) and little boy by committing amorous adventures with women whom he then kills and takes their fortunes. Having lost his job of thirty years during a financial depression, he moralizes that this is the only way he can serve to take care of his family.

Chaplin is brilliant as he travels between the ‘object’ of his next bit of income as Henri Verdoux, Alias Varnay, Bonheur, and Floray. The ladies are hilariously diverse and not without ridicule… The rowboat scene is a riot!

I’ll be doing an extensive post on this film as it has caught my heart like the delirious flu… Co-stars Isobel Elsom as Marie Grosnay, Martha Raye is absolutely priceless as his lottery-winning dame Annabella Bonheur, Audrey Betz as the stodgy Martha his other wife, Marjorie Bennett as Marie’s maid, and Marilyn Nash as the young homeless girl…

it's a blundering world and very sad one yet a little kindness can make it beautiful
Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Nash-  Monsieur Verdoux ’47

The Girl- “It’s a blundering world and a very sad one yet a little kindness can make it beautiful…”

monsieur Verdoux

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3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day! Monsieur Verdoux (1947)

  1. I’m a big Chaplin fan, I’m even dedicating all month to his films for his 100th anniversary, but I’ve never had much interest in this film. I’ll probably watch it at some point. When I watch Chaplin, though, black comedy is not what I go for. But his talkies have never interested me a whole lot other than Limelight and, strangely, A King in New York.

    1. I understand… his body comedy is absolutely superb, I’m not very familiar with his work, but I recognize how much he contributed as an icon. I want to spend more time with his silent films and immerse myself for a while. Monsieur Verdoux however, would be something even non Chaplin enthusiasts would agree is a stellar performance. The dark comedy and message of morality that is so pervasive blended with the outrageous hilarity of his female victims, Martha Raye in particular is just so richly amusing and equally sobering… Wonderful film, you should revisit it sometime… thanks for stopping by. I’ll be watching for your tribute to his 100th anniversary…. Cheers Joey

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