She Hate Me! A Classic Moment from Bride of Frankenstein (1935)


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A Trailer & Clips a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! Halloween’s a coming! 🎃

Nan Grey halloween promo

Nan Grey… (Yes Lili in Dracula’s Daughter, don’t come any closer Nan Grey), would like to share a few clips & trailers with you in honor of this upcoming Halloween! from 1930s-1960s… here’s a few rare gems that glow in the darkness!

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Tod Browning directs this tale of revenge and weird science. Lionel Barrymore is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He escapes from Devil’s Island and joins the strange Rafaela Ottiano as Melita together creating a killer force of miniature people!



George Macready is Dr. George Winson whose wife summons a supernatural power while he’s lying on his deathbed, to save him. Suddenly the menacing Lilyan Gregg (Rose Hobart) appears to answer Mrs. Winson’s plea. George recovers but Lilyan has now taken control!

SHE-DEVIL (1957)


Kurt Neumann directs this tale of science gone wrong, creating a woman from hell!

Dr. Dan Scott (Jack Kelly) and Dr. Richard Bach (Albert Dekker) inject the dying Kyra Zelas (Mari Blanchard) without her consent, (bad bad Men Doing Science!) with a formula which saves her life , yet ultimately turns her into a Monstrous Female who’s both wicked & immortal!



Director Gordon Hessler is at the helm of this British suspense thriller with an eerie tinge of the supernatural! The film has a flavor of an Alfred Hitchcock Presents considering Hessler played a huge part in the television series! A tale of betrayal, murder and vengeance from the grave. But is all what it seems… The film contains an elaborate plot, with many twists and turns along the way. Fate will decide in the end…Wonderful obscure horror/thriller from the 60s!…

Raymond Garth (Gary Merrill) kills his wealthy sickly harping wife Ellen (Georgina Cookson) so he can carry on with her young niece Christine (Rachel Thomas).

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The Clip Joint: Anna Lucasta (1958)



Though I appreciate Paulette Goddard’s work in the 1949 version, the re-filming of Anna Lucasta in 1958 again written and scripted by Phillip Yordan with an all black cast is powerful good. Arnold Laven’s direction brings to life a more visually potent assemblage of splendid characters. I go through little bursts of adoration and nostalgia, a while ago it was for Paul Williams… lately I’ve been loving Sammy Davis Jr. Both he and the sensuous depth of Eartha Kitt create an atmosphere of volatile romanticism.

The story is an engaging and moral tale about young Anna (Eartha Kitt) who is rejected by her sanctimonious father Joe played to the hilt by Rex Ingram (God’s Little Acre 1958, Desire in the Dust 1960) While the rest of the family wants Anna to come home, her self-righteous father can’t resist demonizing his daughter, with an underlying incestuous desire that he is battling. She takes the road of the fallen woman and becomes a good time gal who meets Danny (Sammy Davis Jr.) a cab driving sailor who is as smooth as silk and as fiery as molten lead. Here they are in a surreal sequence that showcases the versatile beauty and ease both performers possess- set against the stirring Elmer Bernstein modern jazz score!

Who can make the sunshine? Sammy Davis Jr can!… Cheers Your Everlovin’ Joey

The Clip Joint: Bait (1954) “What a pair of…”


BAIT 1954

Hugo Haas yet again plays the downtrodden man, Marko who is in search of his lost gold mine. He hires Ray (John Agar) to help locate the gold, and filling out the triangle is the cherub-cheeked blonde Cleo Moore as Peggy who winds up marrying the Balkan blowhard for his gold while tantalizing the younger and desiring Ray.

Marko tries to figure out various ways of getting rid of his partner in order to keep all the loot! He even uses Peggy as bait, as part of his tricks to arouse their attraction giving him a reason to shoot Ray. Great prologue delivered by Sir Cedric Hardwick as the Devil… in this ironic light mystery directed by Haas.

Peggy (talking about Ray’s dog“Oh Mike… Isn’t he beautiful? Ooh, what a pair of eyes!”

Ray Brighton-(staring at Peggy like a sirloin steak) “Yeah… what a pair of…(pause) eyes…”

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Halloween Clip Joint 50s Sci-Fi Triple


invasion of the body snatchers 56

kevin mccarthy invasion




earth vs. flying saucers

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A Halloween clip joint-Man Made Monster (1941)

Just for Halloween & our upcoming Chaney Blogathon here’s the very deranged Lionel Atwill trying to create a race of ‘Electrical Supermen’ starring Lon Chaney Jr in his glowing electro-cool rubber suit for George Waggner’s Man Made Monster (1941)


Man Made Monster

You Man Made MonsterGirl-It’s been Electrifying!!!!!


The Clip Joint: Bud Abbott & Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein ‘Where are they Wilbur?’


poster via Film Posters.Com

Here’s a clip courtesy of MOVIE CLIPS bringing us the antics of Chick and Wilbur as they’re menaced by Bela Lugosi reprising his role as Dracula and Glenn Strange stalking the boys as Frankenstein’s Monster. Co-starring Lon Chaney Jr as The Wolfman… Great fun!

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Bela and Lou

Eternally Yours- MonsterGirl

the clip joint: Happy Mother’s Day from The Last Drive In!!!!




CARRIE (1976)

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all you ‘Mother’s’ out there!!!!- MonsterGirl

the clip joint: The Mask of Diijon (1946)


The Mask of Diijon

Directed by Lew Landers (The Raven 1935,Crime Inc 1935)this mystery/horror yarn stars the caustic Erich von Stroheim as Diijon a magician and stage illusionist who studies the art of hypnosis. When his wife leaves him for a younger man and he attempts a comeback that ultimately results in his humiliation he becomes driven by his obsession for revenge and plots his master plan to hypnotizing people into committing murders in order to avenge himself.

the mask of diijon-von stroheim

The film also stars Jeanne Bates as Victoria, Edward Van Sloan, William Wright and Denise Vernac.

You mesmerize me as always-MonsterGirl

the clip joint: Daughter of Darkness (1948)

An obscure British Noir/Horror hybrid:


Daughter of Darkness Lobby Card 5

Directed by Lance Comfort (Devils of Darkness 1965) and based on the play ‘They Walk Alone’ by Max Catto, the film stars Anne Crawford as Bess Stanforth and Siobhan McKenna plays the disturbed Emily Beaudine. Maxwell Reed plays Dan, Barry Morse (Lt. Gerard The Fugative) plays Robert Stanforth, George Thorpe plays Mr Tallent, Honor Blackman as Julie Tallent and Liam Redmond is Father Cocoran.
Daughter of Darkness lobby card Father Cocoran
Emmie is a sensual creature but a quite bewildered young woman who works for Father Cocoran at the church. One day a carnival arrives in the town of Ballyconnen, where she meets Dan a young boxer, who tries to force himself on her under the moonlight. She uses her nails and scratches his face pretty badly.
Daughter of Darkness
Father Cocoran sends Emmie away to Yorkshire, where she is cared for by a nice family. But she has repressed her strange desires mixed with longing and repulsion toward men. Much like the hysteria of Catherine Deneuve’s character in Polanski’s Repulsion. The atmosphere is quite gripping and the psycho-sexual anxiety looms over this very obscure little British Noir/Horror odd gem with all sorts of iconography of religious symbolism, Gothic tones with the use of the organ music and the wonderful ‘hysterical woman’ archetype that I so love to write about.
Daughter of Darkness Lobby Card

The churches congregation demanding Emmie’s removal from the village as if she were a seductress witch, also goes to the hysteria around women’s sexuality, as Emmie is an ‘object’ of desire for so many around her.

Daughter of Darkness Emmie Close up

Daughter of Darkness Lance Comfort film