Chuck Jones': The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile (1979) -afterall “Who wants a glum pumpkin?”

Seeing how it’s almost Halloween, a thoughtful MonsterGirl should at least celebrate a little with some vintage goodness.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy in the Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile (1979)

Starring Les Tremayne as the very weepy pumpkin….!

See you all soon, when I post my 500th piece for The Last Drive In… my tribute to Robert Wise’s The Haunting 1963

Happy Halloween–Your Ever Lovin’ MonsterGirl!

I, Cat Woman…

Hi everyone… I know things have been pretty silent here at The Last Drive In... Though I love the sound of crickets myself, I wouldn’t want my readers and friends to think I’ve abandoned my little blog. Many of you know that I am an avid cat lover. I spent all summer doing very critical as well as intense rescue work. We saved many wonderful lives who now have a chance at a good life. We also had some tragic things happen. It’s been bitter-sweet for me. A few weeks ago, one of my little rescue feral kittens whom I’d spent months and months gentling, who had finally grown to trust me and love me, succumbed to a horrible disease called panleukopenia.

Mikey became my little guy but tragically he did not survive and I watched him suffer, til it was necessary to let him move on… I’ve been so heartbroken, that it’s left me speechless and unable to write about the films and television shows that fill me up with nostalgic joy.

As much as I’d love to reach out and talk about rare film, quirky actors and the tangents that make for great conversation, I”m still just so struck silent by my heartbreak. It’s hard to explain what these little souls can come to mean to you. They become, your best friend, a family member and at times seemingly like ‘soul mates’ who manage to teach us about life and show us a way of loving that people can’t even seem to do. Cats are so sacred to me… each one unique.

Mikey was my little guy. I miss him terribly. His two brothers Archibald and Sidney are here with me… they survived the virus. And I hold a special place for Mikey who touched my life for such a brief moment, that his leaving, took a piece of my heart with him.

Anyway… I do plan on writing for my blog again soon. Actually I’m due to present my 500th Anniversary post which will be an overview of my all time favorite film Robert Wise’s THE HAUNTING!

So forgive this little cat girl her silence, as she’s needed time to process all the things she’s seen over this volatile summer of animal rights work and boots on the ground rescue, I need a little more quiet time to heal, but MonsterGirl will be back!!!!!!!

Love you all


Simone Simon Cat People

The Lovely Simone Simon in Val Lewton’s Cat People 1942

So Long, Jim- It Was A Nice Long Ride, Wasn’t It?


James Garner is one of those actors who I fell in love with and just couldn’t imagine the day we would lose him. When I got the news yesterday I was struck with such sadness. But I’ll always have those strong shoulders and square jaw, honest eyes and true yet graceful grit that was the man. I always perk up when I hear the Rockford Files theme song. It just makes me smile. We’ll miss you so much. You were a maverick and a hell of an actor. Thanks Destroy All Fanboys! for this tribute.

Originally posted on "DESTROY ALL FANBOYS!":

(thanks 11db11!)nbsp;

I can recall watching the pilot for The Rockford Files on NBC as a ten-year old kid and while not completely understanding everything that was going on, finding the show intriguing enough to come back week after week for almost the entire run of the series. Nothing lasts forever, and I was sad to see it vanish in 1980 (as far as original episodes went), but as with nearly any TV show that gains popularity and notoriety, reruns kept things going if I happened to be around to catch one. Of course, James Garner did much more memorable work in films before and since. Some of my favorite performances of his were in The Great Escape (1963), The Americanization of Emily (1964, the actor’s favorite role), Grand Prix (1966), Marlowe (1969) and Victor Victoria (1982). But, of course, since I was raised more on the tube, it’s Jim…

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