Joel Metzger releases a gripping new audio noir thriller ‘Hothouse Bruiser’ THUGS, MUGS, DAMES AND BULLETS


JOEL METZGER is the writer behind television’s The Dead Zone 2002, offering several of his works to Xena: Warrior Princess and contributions to the re-visioned The Outer Limits series (1996) and Sliders 1999. He’s a writer, director, producer, actor, cinematographer,editor as well as work in animation.

Now Metzger introduces his new Futuristic Neo-Noir story available for download: Inhabited by riveting characters and the fantastic actors who lend their voices to the project.

"Hothouse Bruiser" future-noir radio drama

Quarantines L.A.




In Metzger’s own words, ” This audio journey of the imagination uses state of the art design to submerge the listener in the strange world of ‘The Hothouse’- a glass -walled quaratine that seals in all of downtown L.A.Inside this urban bubble, with the normal world peering in, is a gritty, violent hyper-capitalist techno jungle-equal parts George Orwell’s 1984 and Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ The listener follows ‘Bruiser’ (voice of Paul Nobrega) as he digs up the city’s underbelly in classic Film Noir detective style. Life is cheap in the Houthouse… but dull it ain’t.”

The Hothouse Announcer

Bruiser is the voice of Paul Nobrega, Vera Grayle is the voice of the sensational Traci Lords (Blade 1998 Not of This Earth 1988)and The Chlorine Buddha is the voice of John Terry (Full Metal Jacket 1987). Jim Storm is the voice of SAEGER. Miss Power Tools is voiced by Vanessa Angel. (Weird Science 1994) Chief Plagman is Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), ah the good ole noir The Man Upstairs is voiced by John Billingsley, Then there’s Ginny Mills voice by Denise Crosby. Dr Wolverton voiced by Armin Shimerman. Jill Strauss is the voice of Sonita Henry. Graveyard Mike is the voice of James Leary. The Hothouse Sniper is voiced by Cliff Simon. The Pipe is Gideon Emery, Ash Hamilton is Michael Welch. And the Hothouse announcer is the voice of Alfred Thompson.


Miss Power Tools

Vera Grayle

Chapter One opens with Miss Power Tools giving a drilling lap dance to Bruiser who is duct taped inside a warehouse called the Hothouse.

The music is trypnotic psychedelic surf guitars. ‘Hothouse Bruiser‘ is a tribute to the golden age of radio crime serials.
The sounds of water dripping slowing on a cold stone warehouse floor or perhaps the ticking from a clock. The mood is dark and dank. It’s got the feel of Sci-Fi Noir. Let’s not invoke Blade Runner just yet, let Metzger’s new project evolve on it’s own.

BRUISER-“If you’re hearing my voice right now I’m already dead. What year it is for you I don’t know…you ah, you just happened to be the one, the unlucky one who found a shoe box shoved way in the back of a shit hole basement. there was a little voice recorder and you decided to hit play.”

And now you might be as dead as me…”

We still hear the ticking, dripping sound and distant police sirens in the background then lock unlatching from a heavy iron door or the release of the safety catch on a gun, a sultry femme fatale named Miss Power Tools starts to coax Bruiser.

MISS POWER TOOLS-“Wake up gorgeous you’re a tall drink of something aren’t you, I almost ran out of duct tape… now come on, don’t be mad… give you a little lap dance. Now let’s play a game. You tell me what you were doing in my warehouse and if I like the answer I won’t perform any amateur lobotomies.”

We hear a power drill become engaged as the gears whir, spin and grind waiting to bore a hole in Bruiser’s skull.

BRUISER-“Everything I’m gonna tell you, happened to me inside The Hothouse. That’s what they used to call the Quarantine. Now How I managed to get myself duct taped to a chair for a lap dance and a root canal, let’s just say I’m a snoop….”

Ginny Mills
She’s got the sass of noir’s Marie Windsor
Graveyard Mike
He’s got the ghoulish charm of Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death
Ash Hamilton
He’s got the stoic good looks of Howard Duff

Jill Strauss

Chief Plagman


The Pipe
He’s got the serpentine smile of Timothy Carey

Dr. Wolverton

the man upstairs
There’s always a Man Upstairs in Noir

The Chlorine Buddha

You can hear the entire series on the free phone app or the iPhone and Android platforms. It’s also available on CD sets through the website. I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for Bruiser and the rest of the characters in this gripping new series by Joel Metzger. Stay tuned….


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Stay out of the Hothouse, you’ve been warned: MonsterGirl