A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! I Married A Monster From Outer Space


Directed by Gene Fowler Jr. and starring Tom Tryon (he just happened to write 2 of the BEST psychological/supernatural stories The Other, and The Dark Secrets of Harvest Home) who plays Bill Farrell a regular guy newly married to Marge Bradley Farrell (Gloria Talbott) who’s body is taken over by an Alien from Outer Space. Bills’ body is left as a dead shell in the woods.

The Aliens are invading with the purpose of mating with earth women! Gee I thought most earth men had the same idea!

Anyway, the Aliens begin switching places with the real humans. But Marge is no dope. She starts to realize that something’s very wrong with Bill, Alien Bill wants to have children with Marge anyway. Has he fallen for this earth girl?

Much like Invasion of The Body Snatchers 1956, this wonderful sci-fi thriller from the 50s evokes the period’s sense of paranoia, as the townspeople are slowly being taken over by an alien force!

She sees the alien’s face reflected in the pane glass window! And that creepy doll, no wonder she loses it!

 “Shuddery things from beyond the stars, here to breed with human women!”

Make sure you know who you’re kissing tonight – MonsterGirl