Hysterical Woman of The Week: Nancy Kelly as Christine Penmark, from The Bad Seed (1956)

“For little Rhoda, murder is child’s play.”


The Bad Seed film poster

Mervyn LeRoy’s bold psychological thriller adapted from Maxwell Anderson’s play.

Nancy Kelly confronts her crispy clean dress wearin’ skipping little psychopathic child Rhoda (Patty McCormack) in a scene where both mother and child devolve into the realm of ‘hysterical’ over the truth behind poor Claude Daigle’s brutal death, prompted by his winning the penmanship medal.

Nancy Kelly as Christine Penmark

Little Rhoda Penmark

I have the prettiest mother
“I have the prettiest mother in the world”

A basket of evil hugs

I was going to use Eileen Heckert’s compelling performance as the besotted mournful Hortense Daigle, but I couldn’t resist this climactic scene instead…

Eilleen Heckert as Hortense Daigle The Bad Seed

What’ll you give me for a basket of kisses?, I’ll give you a basket of hugs -MonsterGirl

A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968)

“They’re hog straddling female animals on the prowl.”


91fe2bdf1eed7d15e7ed02ff9eedd9c9 miniskirt_mob

Diane McBain plays Shayne the ruthless head of a motorcycle gang who is obsessed with punishing and getting her ex-lover Jeff (Ross Hagen) to come back to her no matter what it takes. Shayne ignites a sadistic onslaught against her ex-lover and his new bride Connie.(Sherry Jackson)






Patty McCormack as little Rhoda Penmark in Mervyn LeRoy’s 1956 psychological thriller THE BAD SEED


Also starring The Bad Seed’s 1956 nefarious little psychopath Rhoda, Patty McCormack as Edie, Shayne’s younger, naive yet ethical lil sister. Cast includes Harry Dean Stanton as Spook and Jeremy Slate as Lon. With a score by Les Baxter that makes this cheesy 60s exploit more fun.

“Nothing is more vicious than a scorned, guilt ridden blonde!”


MonsterGirl back on the prowl!