A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! ABC Movie of the Week special promo

If you’re like me and remember fondly looking forward to the offerings of The ABC Movie of the Week, which was a feast of great 70s directors, writers, film stars and character actors. Stories of mystery, suspense and often the supernatural. Even a few ground breaking stories that featured taboo narratives for it’s day. Here’s a little taste of yesterday…!

ABC Movie of the Week featuring clips from

Run Simon Run 1970

Women In Chains 1972

Ida Lupino revising her role as yet another psychotic iron maiden warden of a women’s prison!

And No One Could Save Her 1973

The Longest Night 1972

Duel 1971

Snatched 1973

Howard Duff and Christopher George in 1973s Snatched

Divorce His Divorce Hers 1973

Happy Trailers MonsterGirl