Quote of the Day! Love Has Many Faces (1965)



Hugh O’Brian as the smarmy Hank Walker“Haven’t I seen you around?”

Ruth Roman as the tough-as-nails Margot Eliot– “It’s possible. I’ve been there.”

Director Alexander Singer’s  melodrama (Singer’s Psyche 59 (1964) starring Patricia Neal who suffers from hysterical blindness, has a much more compelling frenetic slick psychology) Love Has Many Faces comes off as a meandering soap opera in balmy Acapulco Mexico… as Lana Turner plays Kit Jordan a millionairess who marries Cliff Robertson a self-loathing malcontent who sold all 8 pints of his blood to be owned by her. Though her love is as ‘thin as ice…’

Enrique Lucero is marvelous as Lieutenant Riccardo Andrade a Mexican Columbo who is trying to get to the bottom of one of Lana’s young male lovers who apparently committed suicide over their break up.

Aside from wishing that the fabulous Ruth Roman and Virginia Grey had more of a presence in the film…

Virgina Grey
Virginia Grey was the audacious Candy in The Naked Kiss 1964 … God she was gorgeous!

… I was struck by two things…

Ruth as Margot
If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I love Ruth Roman-she has a raw natural sensuality that dwells in her eyes and oozes out of her pores.
instant blackmail Hugh O'Brian and Ruth Roman Love Has Many Faces
“Instant blackmail”
Turner and O'Brian
Kit is never without a drink or a flashy beach ensemble!

Besides the high melodrama… 1) Hugh O’Brian is a beach bum gigolo who spends the entire movie, well mostly… baring his sweaty hairy virile chest and 2) Lana Turner changes wardrobe more than there are cigarettes and cocktails in the picture… Wow, that’s a lot of sexy beach wear and lamé, bare shoulders, back and leg… Lana! Thanks to Edith Head… you do look fabulous!

Turner & Garflied Postman Always Rings Twice
This is how I like my Lana Turner & my bare-chested men (John Garfield) … from Tay Garnett’s noir masterpiece The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946

I’ll see you around… I’ve been there too! Cheers Joey