A Trailer a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! ‘They Were So Young’ (1954)

“Too innocent! Too willing! and far, far Too Eager!… and so Beautiful!”


They Were So Young Film poster

Directed by Kurt Neumann (The Fly 1958)and starring Johanna Matz as Eve Ullmann a young girl who answers an advertisement for international models, whose fashion shows are just fronts for men to buy what they ‘like.’

What unfolds is the dark underbelly of international white slave trafficking. The film was shot on location in Hollywood but created as the playground of Rio De Janeiro.

They Were So Young lobby card

Scott Brady is Richard Lanning, a guy who works for Jaime Coltos a rich Brazilian mine owner (Raymond Burr) Jaime invites Richard to his country estate for a little romp, but one of the new ‘models’ Eve isn’t playing the game, and breaks a bottle over his head when he tries to get ‘friendly.’ Once Eve finds out the real operation she works for, she begins to make trouble. Also starring Ingrid Stenn ( Bewildered Youth 1957) as Connie Voorhees.






Also co-starring Gisela Fackeldey as Mme. Lansowa, Katharina Mayberg as Felicia, Erica Beer as Elise LeFevre, Hanita Hallan as Lena, Gert Fröbe as Lobos.

Of course Richard with the bruised ego and head, will wind up being the hero in the end, not realizing that his Boss is behind the slave trade ring. It’s just a fun harmlessly risqué romp, of course it’s not Preminger, Russ Meyers or even Ed L Cahn, but we love all the shades of bad here at the Last Drive In.

“They came to Rio with their heads so high in the clouds they never realized their feet were in the dirt.”

Still a young and wild MonsterGirl