A Trailer a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! The Name of the Game is Kill! (1968)


Also known as ‘The Female Trap’


Written by Gary Crutcher who gave us Stanley (1972) the man loves snakes, and Featuring the song-“Shadows”
Performed by The Electric Prunes

The Electric Prunes
Experimental psychedelic group of the late 60s. The Electric Prunes had a hit in 1966 “I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)” also recognized for the song “Kyrie Eleison,” featured on the soundtrack of Easy Rider.

I keep coming across these great obscure creepy shockers from the 1960s. Often starring actors like Tab Hunter and Susan Strasberg. This bizarre theatre of lunacy was directed by Gunnar Hellström 

 Strasberg The Name of The Game is Kill

The Name of the Game is Kill! is a nice contribution to the psychotronic -cult-cinema genre, just because of the hostility, the great casting and the psychedelic music alone.

It’s an odd offering featuring some even more bizarre characters- three sisters, Susan Strasberg who plays Mickey Terry, Tisha Sterling  who plays Nan Terry and Collin Wilcox Paxton as Diz Terry.

I love Collin Wilcox, I think she is one of the most underrated character actresses, so it’s nice to see her here with Tisha Sterling and Ms Strasberg doing what she does best, playing a quiet, deeply composed box of kindling with layers and layers of mood and intuitive style.

Jack Lord of Hawaii Five -O fame plays a stranger, a Hungarian traveler named Symcha Lipa (Sim) who is passing through an isolated town and hooks up with the peculiar Terry family run by matriarch and patriarch Father and Mother Terry, the androgynous T.C Jones (you remember Nurse Betty in Alfred Hitchcock Hour’s An Unlocked Window she/he was also in 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt 1964 as Henry.)

The girls invite Sim to their home for some hospitality. Mother Terry lives with her three beautiful daughters and a menagerie of poisonous snakes and tarantulas.Mickey is friendly and welcoming but the other two sisters exude a malicious venom themselves. When Sim almost dies, he winds up in the hospital being warned by local Sheriff  Fred Kendall played by Mort Mills not to get involved with the Terry family. Of course Sim doesn’t listen…

Name of The GAme is Kill 4

Name of The Game is Kill still

The Name of the Game is MonsterGirl  finding you delicious goodies to feast your eyes on.