A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Haunted Palace (1963) & Die Monster Die (1965)

The Haunted Palace (1963)

“A warlock’s home is his castle…Forever!”

It’s 1865 in Lovecraft’s mythical town of Arkham. Charles Dexter Ward (Vincent Price) arrives at the small village to visit the house he inherited from his ancestor who died there 100 years ago.

In 1765, the inhabitants of the Gothic New England town are suspicious of the strange goings-on up in the grand ‘palace’ that overlooks the village. They suspect its inhabitant, Joseph Curwen, of being a warlock! What is the ghastly secret behind the mysterious afflictions of the town’s people, and the curse the Curwen name seems to hold over the place…what utter horrors lye in wait for this descendent of Joseph Curwen!

Released by American International Pictures, utilizing that rich Pathécolor director Roger Corman was becoming known for using lavish color to paint the movie frames in his Gothic adaptations of Poe. While they used Edgar Allan Poe’s name in touting this film it actually springs from H.P Lovecraft’s novella  The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, with a screenplay by Charles Beaumont. The title is merely borrowed from a poem by Poe.

Starring the inimitable Vincent Price as the cursed ancestor, with Lon Chaney Jr. as caretaker Simon Orne, and Debra Paget as Charle’s wife Ann. Also appearing are Elisha Cook Jr. and Bruno VeSota.

“What was the terrifying thing in the PIT that wanted women?”

It’s Monday… Let’s show some more H.P. Lovecraftian  Love!!!!!!


“Can you face the ULTIMATE in DIABOLISM!…can you face PURE TERROR!”

Boris Karloff  is Nahum Witley a wheelchair-bound scientist who has uncovered a meteorite that emits radioactive rays which turn plants into mutants in his greenhouse. Freda Jackson plays Letitia Witley, Nahum’s wife who like the monstrous plants, becomes contaminated by the deadly glowing cosmic rays!

The wooden Nick Adams, plays Stephen Reinhart the customary combative fiancé to daughter Susan Witley (Suzan Farmer). Also co-starring Terence de Marney as Merwyn and Patrick Magee as Dr. Henderson. Directed by Daniel Haller who also directed The Dunwich Horror 1970.

Written for the screen by Jerry Sohl  and based on Lovecraft’s The Colour of Outer Space

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