A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Look In Any Window (1961)


In the 60’s Paul Anka was considered a dreamy teen idol. In Look In Any Window directed by William Alland (more known for his work as producer Creature From The Black Lagoon 1954, The Deadly Mantis 1957, Tarantula 1955, This Island Earth 1955 stop me I could go on and on!) , Anka plays the very distressed Craig Fowler, a troubled young man who is surrounded by inappropriate, over sexed adults, and very dysfunctional parents played by Ruth Roman and Alex Nicol as Jackie and Jay Fowler.

Craig’s world stinks, as his mother is an unhappy woman starved for attention, and he witnesses his father Jay erupt into a mess while on a drinking binge, after losing his job and his ‘manhood’.

It’s ever so angst ridden for the boy being crowded by so many pathetic adults and oh…the ‘Suburbia Traumatica’  of it all! The film rips wide open the myth of clean suburban living and the even more mythic ‘All American Family.’

The entire neighborhood is on the prowl in this film. Carole Mathews plays Betty Lowell who’s lecherous husband steps out on her every chance he gets. Perfect for the role of the womanizing Gareth Lowell is the wonderfully slickety and smarmy Jack Cassidy.

While all the adult drama and provocative neighborly love is going on, an attraction starts to bloom between Craig and Betty’s daughter Eileen (Gigi Perreau).

And what about the secret compulsion that Craig is hiding!How about his naughty proclivity for peering into windows!

Anka sings the theme song, “Look In Any Window” with a breathy tone that makes your skin crawl…creepy yes, haunting… not so much.

“Nothing between their secrets and the neighborhood except a pane of glass!”

“The screen shocks with the truth about what goes on in the most ‘respectable’ neighborhoods in town!”

“It’s The Must-See Story Of Morals And Mistakes… Told With Unashamed Biting Frankness!”