A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman Away! The Pink Angels 1972

The Pink Angels (1972)

Very low-budget gay biker flick – “six rough and tumble motorcyclists meet at the side of an empty highway to plan their adventurous excursion cycling to Los Angeles” …

Directed by Larry G. Brown (The Psychopath 1975) and written by Margaret McPherson. Michael Pataki (Dracula’s Dog, Grave of the Vampire 1974) and Dan Haggerty play bikers! Stars John Alderman as Michael and Tom Basham as David, Robert Biheller as Henry, and Bruce Kimball as Arnold

“The roughest, meanest pack of bikers to come down the road since…the boys in the band!”

“Catch the Pink Angels … if you can!”

Before Priscilla Queen of the Desert!

“What the hell is this?”

“That’s a Maiden Form and it’s mine, now give it back to me!”

“Faggotts ???? !!!!!”

“I love you.”


Oh what funzie wunzies!!!!! Tootles Folks! MonsterGirl