A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Born Reckless (1958)


Born Reckless (1958)_

“She’s every big-time rodeo prize rolled into one pair of tight pants”

Mamie Van Doren plays the scintillating Jackie Adams, a ‘female’ rodeo rider in a rugged man’s world. You’ve seen boxing noir, skating noir and now… it’s rodeo noir!

Director Howard W. Koch brings us this romantic rodeo romp with saloon songs and more… when Mamie falls for Jeff Richards as cowboy Kelly Cobb who dreams of having a piece of land to call his own. Jackie dreams of taming this roaming fella’s heart!

Born Reckless also co-stars one of my favs… Carol Ohmart  as Liz, Don “Red” Barry and Jean Carmen. Featuring composers Buddy Bregman, & Stanley Styne – Soundtrack here:

born-reckless 1958


Born to be your ever-lovin’ MonsterGirl-