The Clip Joint: Bait (1954) “What a pair of…”


BAIT 1954

Hugo Haas yet again plays the downtrodden man, Marko who is in search of his lost gold mine. He hires Ray (John Agar) to help locate the gold, and filling out the triangle is the cherub-cheeked blonde Cleo Moore as Peggy who winds up marrying the Balkan blowhard for his gold while tantalizing the younger and desiring Ray.

Marko tries to figure out various ways of getting rid of his partner in order to keep all the loot! He even uses Peggy as bait, as part of his tricks to arouse their attraction giving him a reason to shoot Ray. Great prologue delivered by Sir Cedric Hardwick as the Devil… in this ironic light mystery directed by Haas.

Peggy (talking about Ray’s dog“Oh Mike… Isn’t he beautiful? Ooh, what a pair of eyes!”

Ray Brighton-(staring at Peggy like a sirloin steak) “Yeah… what a pair of…(pause) eyes…”

Your Everlovin’ Joey Monstergirl

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