The Laziest Girl in Town… let’s face it she’s pooped!


Marlene Dietrich wowed audiences with her stylish Milo Anderson & Christian Dior seraphic gown, dreamy bedroom eyes, pouty lips and outre sensually languid performance of “The Laziest Girl in Town” in Alfred Hitchcock’s tightly wound thriller Stage Fright 1950

Then through the sheer brilliance of Madeleine Kahn’s comedic artisty as Lily von Shtupp – she channels Dietrich’s Charlotte Inwood, with her rendition of “I’m Tired in Mel Brooks splendid western farce Blazing Saddles.

madeleine kahn lily

I thought it would be a fun thing to do this Saturday afternoon, while I’m busy spending time with a dear old friend to give you all a little something to linger on….From a smokey moody Cabaret to a bawdy saloon in the wild wild west!

I’ll never tire of you dear friends… Your ever lovin’ MonsterGirl

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