A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Playgirl Killer (1967)


“Artist or killer? Temptress or playgirl?”

Please don’t move or he’ll kill you!!!!!


“It’s a fascinating eerie story of a mad killer, who loved to paint beautiful women and then…and then murder them only because they moved!”




This exploitation film is directed by Erick Santamaria. And stars William Kerwin as Bill an unstable artist who is haunted by nightmares and driven to kill his female models when they move while posing. He’s obsessed by an unattainable beauty that he can’t seem to capture. He finally loses it and goes on a rampage, creating a collection of macabre trophies from his kills. As the tagline says–Playgirl Killer…paint it red for passion, red for rage, and red for his beautiful but bloodied victims. The film also stars Jean Christopher as Arlene, Andree Champagne as Nikki, who knew Neil Sedaka as Bob perhaps singing in the rain with the one he loves, and Linda Christopher as Betty.

Insane artist Bill: “They… always… move!”

Don’t you move a muscle, I’ll be back–your ever lovin’ MonsterGirl


5 thoughts on “A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Playgirl Killer (1967)

    1. oh god forbid Hugh wasn’t always as endearing as the ole Beaver’s wise dad, but doubt he ever harpooned a model for moving while he was trying to paint her… Yikes

  1. I LOVE William Kerwin and stumbled upon this movie when I did my SWV feature. It looks totally wacky, it has Kerwin AND it is Canadian!! It is a must see!

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