Life Lessons From Barney Fife! “…there are forces loose on this earth…”

“Andy… there are forces loose on this earth that you wouldn’t believe… I tell ya it would make your hair stand on end!”

The Andy Griffith Show-Season 5, Episode 14 –

“Three Wishes for Opie” aired on Dec. 21 1964

Opies Three Wishes, Goober Barney and Floyd
George “Goober Lindsey, Don Knotts as the lovable superstitious deputy Barney Fife and Howard McNear as Floyd Lawson in one of my favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show Three Wishes For Opie

Your Everlovin’ MonsterGirl sayin’ watch out for those forces loose on this earth!




Barney Fife’s Mother’s Day Ode To Mrs.Mendlebright “Snoop Snoop, Bulb Snatcher!”

The Andy Griffith Show Episode 104: Up in Barney’s Room


Originally Aired on Dec 2, 1963.  Barney is evicted from his room at Mrs. Mendelbright’s boardinghouse after she catches him cooking chili on his hot plate and proceeds to shove the smoking evidence into her mother’s dresser that came by bus all the way from Ft Lauderdale.

She’s also caught him using a 75 Watt bulb and sleeping with the lights on accusing him of being afraid of the dark…

When he goes back to beg for his room, he learns that Mrs. Mendlebright is being preyed on by a con man, and about to sell her home in order to pool assets with this new suspicious boyfriend, Mr. Fields, whom she plans to marry.

Barney doesn’t trust this guy at all, especially after Mrs Mendlebright withdraws “3600 hundred smackers” to give to that “swindler!”

Andy places a call to the next county sheriff’s office and learns that indeed Mr. Fields is a con man with various aliases. Barney drinks his cider which has now turned hard and gets “gassed”

A) A guy moves into town

2) He has no job….and

C) He wants to marry Mrs Bendlemright!

Barney save Mrs. Mendelbright from financial ruin and all is right with the world again!

A salute to motherhood and mother figures: Here is the saga of Barney Fife and his beloved Mrs. Mendlebright!

“I like you Mrs. Mendlebright”, “I like you too…Barney”

Happy Mother’s Day from MonsterGirl