Happy Pride 🌈 from The Last Drive In

I had every intention of releasing Queers & Dykes in the Dark: Classic Noir and Horror Cinema’s Coded Gay Characters! in time to celebrate June’s Gay Pride month with you. But as it goes with me somehow, I am always apt to bang my head from time to time. A couple weeks ago I got clobbered by an iron headboard and wound up with one hell of a concussion. So it’s put my writing on hold. Actually it put almost everything on pause, since in order to rest the brain, you must observe stillness nor read, think or do anything physical.

I did try to write against the prescribed wishes of my doctors and Wendy. Needless to say It was like throwing a scrabble board of tiled letters up in the air and watching the scattershot of words fall aimlessly without connection to what my brain was trying to spell out on the computer. Nothing  made sense. My eyes saw one thing and my hands had something else entirely in mind. So this is what they call brain fog eh?

I will have the piece done hopefully in a few weeks/months?, and with the Medrol my Neurologist gave me will help me put sentences back together again without the tremendous effort to refocus my eyes. Then there’s always the post-concussion side effects. One iron bed frame wallops you in the head and your whole writing plan becomes a silent comedy!

And of course, this constant pain in my skull has been so distracting I can’t even concentrate on the word concentrate.

Your Ever Lovin’ Joey saying I’m standing with you my sisters and brothers in arms and see ya real soon, and say… watch your heads!

11 thoughts on “Happy Pride 🌈 from The Last Drive In

  1. OMG! Damn that hurts.Figured something happened.As much as we all await your witty incisive posts, your health comes first.And needing to physically and mentally be still is difficult. So as you rest Keep in mind Pascal’s words- “all of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”. Be good to yourself. And we will all still be here ready to read your remarkable remarks when you are well enough to write.

    1. Hey there, hopefully I’ll get back to my old self soon. I miss writing, and had a lot of features to do! Hope you’re having a lovely summer! Cheers Joey

  2. I can definitely relate to this, having been in the hospital for a spell after some assorted health issues that left me a bit unable to type anything coherent for a stretch. It’s frustrating to have what you wanted to say in your head, but looking at a word salad as those words don’t come out as planned. Rest that brain of yours and get better, as I don’t want some mad scientist putting your brain into some other body (or worse, a Brooklyn Gorilla-suited stuntman!).

    Start walking around slowly with a cat on your head as a means of protection, although that cat may be one who decides to hop off when it sees you about to clunk into something. Or worse, cover your eyes with its tail or both paws when it wants you to stop.

    1. I hope you’re feeling better you! I don’t like to hear that you’re having health issues. This summer has not gotten off to the fabulous start I expected it to. I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been resting my brain, no choice, the second wave of concussion syndrome hit and I’m so out of it. But I have deadlines and things to write and it’s frustrating. If they put my body in a Brooklyn Gorilla suited stuntman I’d pee myself. At least it wouldn’t be a head in a pan. That would kill me. I keep the cats around FOR protection so they aint the prob here. It’s that I clean aggressively and just can’t help whacking my head every few months. What I really need is one of those helmets. It’s ridiculous but true. Can I get one with antenna? So at least I can look somewhat sci-fi geek like…

      1. Hmmm… I think a metal colander might work for head protection, but you’d look a bit odd cleaning with one on your head. Hey, as long as you don’t go get the mail wearing it, right? :D

  3. We need your brain, so rest up! I’ve had a concusion so I know how hard it is to not think. Take it easy! Take naps! That’s an order! Your fans await your next analysis and film recommendations with baited breath!

    1. Ha! Thank you Pam, I am resting up but planning slowing on getting back to work soon… I’m still feeling like I got walloped by a giant cartoon sledge hammer. That’s just about what it was! Cheers, Joey

  4. I wish you the best, Joey. My hands and fingers ache now and then and the end result is that I write in shorter “bursts”, as it were, don’t carry on so much as in the past. Do take care and keep up the good work when you can and at your own pace.

    John B.

    1. Thanks John, I’ll be back writing soon. I understand the ache of arthritis. That’s a problem too. And so binge writing is a natural process for me here. I grab it when I got it. But then I pay dearly for it too. Take care of yourself as well. Cheers, joey

  5. I suffered from a terrible concussion last year. I simply stood up from getting something out of the boot of the car and banged my head on the lid! Oy! I had post-concussive syndrome for months. Every time I wrote a wee bit, my head ache would come back and I would need to sleep. I took so many naps! Please rest and limit the amount of work you do. As much as we cannot wait for your analyses here at the Drive In, we want you healed and well rested!

  6. Dear Natty, this isn’t the first concussion I’ve suffered. Unfortunately I whack my head a lot! I know I know. It’s time for a helmet… And I am actually experience some post-trauma head pain, dizziness and what can only be described as the brain fog and inflammation. It’s no joking matter these whacks on the noggin. It’s very hard to rest though. I find myself having to take those naps. But not being able to write is so difficult. Or trying to turn my brain off, that’s the real clincher. How does one do that! Thank you so much for weighing in on my concussion. I hope you stay clear of any falling debris across the pond! It’s always nice to hear from my readers. Always most appreciated indeed! Stay Tuned… Cheers, Joey

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