The Man Who Laughs (1928) guest post at Once Upon a Screen…

I’ve been honored by Aurora over at Once Upon a Screen to do a guest post on not only one of the most provocative films of the silent era, but one of my most beloved classic horror films The Man Who Laughs (1928) starring Conrad Veidt. Without any further ado, please visit the classiest place in town for all your classic film and television essentials!

Your EverLovin’ Joey sayin’ I promise I’ll be back at The Last Drive In soon. I’m still shopping for a helmet for my head!

4 thoughts on “The Man Who Laughs (1928) guest post at Once Upon a Screen…

  1. What a beautiful post, Joey. By the end of reading I had tears in my eyes for Gwynplaine. I’ll have to rewatch the film soon. Best wishes for a job well done covering a complex and important film!

    1. Thank you so much Nathan. I was in tears throughout the entire film. Gwynplaine to me is one of the great eternal tragic figures. Thank you for the kind words. It is an important film and it was a pleasure to be able to cover it. Cheer Joey

  2. One of my favourite films! I was not able to leave a comment there, but will applaud your fine work here. I’ve always been drawn to the love scene between Gwynplaine and Josiana and your analysis of it is spot-on. Now to rewatch this masterpiece!

    1. I’m sorry you weren’t able to leave a comment but it’s not to see you here. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my take on the love scene between Gwynplaine and Josiana. To me it was the most sensual aspect of the story. I felt a great heart wrenching loneliness for Josiana because I believed she truly fell in love with him and how ironic that that the timing was just so perfectly spoiled for them. It’s a grand romantic fable. Cheers, Joey

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