Parallels & Paradoxes in Cultural Iconography: The Milk of Human Kindness & The Spawn of the Devil

8 thoughts on “Parallels & Paradoxes in Cultural Iconography: The Milk of Human Kindness & The Spawn of the Devil

    1. Awww the worst thing Beav ever did was not wash his feet ha!!! And it’s true there are some girls who are creepy

      He’s the most lovable little guy…

      1. I think it was the feet thing, lol. I sort of imagine the spawn of the devil would have the cleanest feet just to better pass as human (overthinking stuff like this is my specialty!) :D

  1. You’re blogging again! Oh, I’m having palp’tations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed Drive In, my go-to place for ideas of what films to watch and smart commentary on films I’ve seen. Please start your long features again soon. We want photos! Your Drive In fans miss you!

  2. Hey BZ your palp’tations made me burst out laughing and then I thought of Jean Carson who plays Daphne one of the fun girls on The Andy Griffith Show! You probably remember her starring in the episode of The Twilight Zone about the magic camera her inimitable voice affirming – “I’m Palpitatin’ ” it is too hilarious!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and your enthusiasm for my humble little blog. I miss blogging too and I appreciate you stopping by just to make me laugh and feel good about what I do at The Last Drive In… See ya soon hopefully with some of my apparently lovable & long winded posts ! Cheers Joey

    1. Ruth! I stumbled onto a thought that struck me while watching Dr Kildare with Richard Chamberlain – the image of him holding a hypodermic looked so similar to Dexter! And what a contrast that is as well. Suddenly I found myself looking out for similar diverging icons. I’m sure down the road I’ll stumble upon a few more!!! I want to return to my comfy old Drive In soon… 🤓🎬🍿

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