Parallels & Paradoxes in Cultural Iconography: The Hand that Heals, The Hand that Hurts!

Your EverLovin’ Joey just saying, my brain might be starting to mull things over again-Hope to you see you here soon!

11 thoughts on “Parallels & Paradoxes in Cultural Iconography: The Hand that Heals, The Hand that Hurts!

    1. Ha!!! That was the read. An Amuse Bouche —It was a fascinating comparative observation – I’d like to find more like it , throw any of your own ideas at me it was such an interesting visual/ contextual discovery!!! Hope my comment back was at least a fun read! Cheers Joey

  1. Ahhhhhhh, calling Dr. James Kildare! **faints** The heart throb of my childhood! U just made me look and see it’s out on DVD. I ordered season 1! And I have been waiting patiently for you to start blogging again!

    1. OMG you’ll have a blast with Season 1. Drop by and share any thoughts you have about the show and your nostalgic heart throb.

      Dr. Kildare offers an interesting look back at issues, some controversial for its time. It makes you sort of grit your teeth and accept it as a rediscovery of old moral and gender tropes. But it is just worth watching to bask in the wonderful performances by the cast and special guest appearances by great actors. Gillespie ( Massey) as the Great Father always filled with wisdom for his protege Kildare and various characters is wonderful to watch. I’m binge watching Season 3 right now and I’m still captivated! Thanks so much for stopping by here at The Last Drive In and for giving me a boost of enthusiasm toward my blogging efforts! Cheers Joey

  2. Dexter was a great series, but not so much suited for the Last Drive In, especially as the ending was so awful. Your class of movies and Television is much higher! Welcome back!

    1. Hey there! I agree with you totally, that Dexter was a great series. We were so pissed off at that incredibly absurd and frustrating ending for too many reasons to go into here. Thank you so much for you vote of confidence in my blog and for your kindness in welcoming my return. I hope to get back into it very soon! Cheers Joey

  3. Joey,Glad to hear you are mulling a return to blog. Re: Dr. kilidare. When I was a kid my mother faithfully watched the show. She was a r.n. and loved to point out the “unrealities” of many of the medical scenes. Also remember that Richard Chamberlain was huge. Face on covers of all the teen mags. Maybe even did an l.p.

    1. Hey there! My mother was in love with Chamberlain. All I ever heard was The Thorn Birds, The Thorn Birds. I love that your mom was an nurse and was able to spot all the medical inconsistencies. Still the show was engrossing most of the time. Thanks for stopping by The Last Drive In. I am hoping to stick around and do a lot more here… Got to clean out the cobwebs in my brain. Cheers Joey

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