The CMBA Blogathon — The Fabulous Films of the 1930s: Men Call It Love (1931)

Karen from Shadows and Satin and The Dark Pages offers up some Pre-Code love for The Fabulous 30s Blogathon…


Jack, Connie, and Tony. Jack, Connie, and Tony. Don't let the smiles fool ya. This ain't exactly the Gleesome Threesome. Jack, Connie, and Tony. Don’t let the smiles fool ya. This ain’t exactly the Gleesome Threesome.

Three observations about Men Call It Love.

  1. It’s a rather ambiguous title, isn’t it? WHAT do they call love? Why do they call it that? What do women call it?
  2. It’s not well-known in the world of pre-Code; I’d wager that a poll of classic film lovers – even those with a special affinity for pre-Code – would turn up only a handful who’ve even heard of it.
  3. And its cast doesn’t boast any high-powered, widely recognized names. The most familiar performer is Adolphe Menjou, and he’s not exactly in the same realm as such pre-Code favorites as Warren William, Robert Montgomery, or William Powell.

These considerations notwithstanding, I’m here to say that I’m simply wild about this movie and cannot get enough of it.

What’s it all about?

Men Call It Love

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