CMBA Blogathon: Fabulous Films of the 1930s – Fritz Lang’s M

Aurora from Once Upon a Screen takes on Fritz Lang’s eerie masterpiece M…

Once upon a screen...

I grew up watching the films of the 1940s.  Those were the ones that were on Television regularly and the productions that remain my movie comfort food.  Until as recently as say five years ago what I knew well of 1930s films was little more than the Astaire/Rogers pairings, Warner Brothers gangsters, The Thin Man movies and Universal horror pictures, which were also staples during my formative years.  It really wasn’t until I became active on social media, after connecting with other classic movie fans that I really became curious about other 1930s movies.  That’s when I really started delving into pre-code, for instance.  It was at about that time that I decided to take a look at a movie I’d seen listed on almost every greatest movie list I’ve ever seen.  That movie is Fritz Lang‘s M (1931) and it changed me irrevocably.


So here we are in 1931, the…

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