A thousand faces still lurking in November! The Chaney Blogathon is coming soon!



The incomparable Fritzi of Movies Silently and I are so THRILLED at the turn out so far for our Chaney shingdig in November. And we can’t wait to see it all come to life like Henry Frankenstein’s creation on that slab. Speaking for myself I’ve already shouted to the lightening permeated skies and bayed at the full moon with great ‘fangs’, I mean ‘thanks’… to everyone joining us!!!

But you know… there’s still films and television serials up for grabs, so don’t be shy, listen to the sound of my voice, you’re getting anxious, you’re getting excited, you’re ready to pick one of these fantastic unclaimed works by one or both of the great Chaneys!!!!

The makers of this post & The Last Drive In are not responsible for those of you susceptible to hypnosis -who find themselves walking into walls, or late nite raids on the refrigerator…. thank you- the staff at The Last Drive In (meaning me)

  • When do we swing from the bell tower, chandeliers and stalk by the full moonNovember 15th – November 18

  • Have a question Leave a comment or contact either me ephemera.jo@gmail.com or Movies Silently

And say… don’t forget to grab one of the fabulous banners for the Chaney Blogathon in November!

Just look at these terrific unclaimed performances just waiting to be written about! There’s more at IMDb!

CHANEY JR -IMDb profile

Dracula Vs Frankenstein  1971

Dracula vs Frankenstein poster

The Female Bunch 1971

The Female Bunch Lon Chaney Jr

Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans 1957

Lon Chaney Jr Hawkeye

Hillbillys in A Haunted House 1967


The Devil’s Messenger 1961

Lon Chaney Jr in The Devil's Messenger poster

House of the Black Death ’65 or Blood of the Devil Man

Blood of the Man Devil

Witchcraft 1964

Witchcraft & The Horror of it all double poster

The Haunted Palace 1963


The Haunted Palace Lon Chaney Jr

The Alligator People 1959


The Alligator People poster

13 Demon Street 1959 television anthology show

Gallery of Horrors ’67

Tv westerns of the 60s-Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, The Rifleman, Wagon Train

The Red Skelton Hour

Route 66 –

CHANEY SR -IMDb profile

Mr Wu (1927)


Flesh and Blood 1922

Lon Chaney Flesh & Blood poster

Shadows 1922


The Road to Mandalay 1926

The Road to Mandalay

Mockery (1927)

Lon Chaney in Mockery poster

Where East is East (1929)

Where East is East

The Blackbird 1926

While The City Sleeps 1928

The Wicked Darling 1919

Thunder ’29

The Tower of Lies (1925)

A Blind Bargain 1922

All the Brothers Were Valiant 1923

The Miracle Man 1919

While Paris Sleeps 1923


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