Jean Stapleton dies at 90: The sweetest dingbat that will ever live on!


Jean Stapleton dies at 90. All I can say right off the bat, is she brought to life one of THE most memorable characters in television history. It’s no easy task to create a personality that not only transcends the medium of entertainment but continues to touch your heart with a profound level of empathy and straightforward kindheartedness. Pure genius!

Archie and Edith


Edith Bunker is that person you wish was your Aunt or your neighbor. Jean Stapleton imbued her character with a life force that was at times hilarious and other times agonizingly honest. A great actress of stage and film and an all around sweet heart… We’ll be watching a marathon of All in the Family in this home in tribute to her passing and I’ll raise a glass of cling peaches in heavy syrup to you Jean… “Everybody’s someone when you love them”

‘You’re a pip’-MonsterGirl

9 thoughts on “Jean Stapleton dies at 90: The sweetest dingbat that will ever live on!

  1. Extremely sad day. Jean Stapleton brought laughter to audiences throughout her career. She will be missed, and may she rest in peace.

    1. I agree, 90 is amazing but it still made me cry, it was like losing an old friend. She was incredibly gifted and we were blessed to have gotten to see her bring Edith Bunker to life…we will miss her indeed

  2. Farewell to the wonderful Jean Stapleton, who gave us so much more than Edith Bunker in her long career (I also liked her in BELLS ARE RINGING, among many others) — but hey, even just being Edith Bunker would have been enough, too! You’re right, Joey, even with Jean’s long life, we still feel like we’ve lost a dear friend, but we’re so grateful for all the joy and laughter she gave us. Thanks for your wonderful clip, my friend!

    1. I cried Dor, it just felt so sad to see her go. And you’re so right about her contribution transcending just her iconic role as Edith. She was a great stage actress too. I saw someone write about her being limited to her genre role as Archie Bunker’s wife, and I got all defensive, like listen, she was an outstanding actress in general, and while I have such a great affection for her work as Edith and chose to focus on that in my brief tribute, we can’t dismiss her entire career in film and in the theatre… let’s raise a toast to her my friend. Or eat some ‘hhm hhm hhm’ in heavy syrup

    1. Absolutely Ruth!!-She did have the most warm and endearing smile indeed! And she was a Brilliant actress, both comedic and dramatic alike

  3. I’m late with posting comments about this but that is just sad. She was indeed iconic in the role of Edith on All in The Family. Shows like that were a rare gem that wont get repeated

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