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This post is part of the Fabulous Films of the 1940s Blogathon, hosted by the Classic Movie Blog Association. It runs February 17-23, 2013.

Don’t you love a movie that makes you feel like a better person, even though you’ve done nothing to be a better person?

We’ve been mulling the notion of being a good person ever since we screened Sullivan’s Travels, a 1941 comedy written and directed by the screwball comedy maestro, Preston Sturges.

Sullivan’s Travels is the tale of idealistic Hollywood director John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea), who wants to make a Meaningful film about Suffering. He’s bought the rights to O Brother, Where Art Thou? and is determined to make an opus on anguish. Problem is, with his privileged background, an Ivy League education and stacks of money in the bank, he doesn’t really know what suffering is.

McCrea decides…

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