the clip joint: Olga’s House of Shame (1964)

“Only a fiend could do what Olga did to twelve young girls!”

“An unspeakable nightmare of eroticism!”


Olga's House of Shame 1964

Brought to you by the fabulous folks at Something Weird Video, Directed by Joseph P. Mawra or as he’s also known

José M. González-Prieto | J. P. Mawra | J.P. Mawra | Joseph A. Mawra | J. Prieto | Jose G. Prieto | Joseph G. Prieto | Jose Prieto | José Prieto | Carlo Scappine ????? Geesh!

Olga’s House of Shame tells the story of a brothel matron Olga (Audrey Campbell) who gets runs out of New York City so she takes her show on the road to a deserted ore mine where she can run her criminal empire and prostitution ring in peace.

Followed up by Olga’s Dance Hall Girls

olgas dance hall girls film poster

mme olgas massage parlor film poster

Hey how’d this poster get in here? ⇧

Here’s the scene where the girl just ‘doesn’t know!

Never shameful but always playfully yours-MonsterGirl

6 thoughts on “the clip joint: Olga’s House of Shame (1964)

  1. Hey, Joey, I wonder if the “I Don’t Know” girl is any relation to the “I Don’t Care” girl from the olden days of dance hall entertainers? I think Mitzi Gaynor was in a movie about her! :-) What a hoot! Loved your Shadowlands postcards, too!

    1. I bet you’re right. I’m not familiar with Gaynor’s work nor the ‘I Don’t Care’ girl. You always are a fountain of information Dori- Now I’m going to have to look into this dance hall hussy, fabulous!- Joey the I always care girl

    2. Dori-BTW- You were absolutely right. You’re a dead eye dickey spotting my mistake with Postcards From Shadowland no.9 It is indeed The Man Who Knew Too Much and not Three Strangers. Peter Lorre with a scar, I should have realized it. Thanks for keeping me on top of things.- Joey

    1. Oh my so kind of you!!! I’m very excited about being taking into the herd… Thanks so much for stopping by here. Yes, Olga and her tales of debauchery are definitely family fare. For all the good young kiddies to enjoy… Joey

      1. Yeah, it’s meant to be enjoyed in the Dark And I didn’t write it, I just read it so I’m with you on the aurbpt ending. I did have to trim some from the beginning and middle to get it down to two you tube videos, but the last few paragraphs with the building suspense are just as Lovecraft wrote them.

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