Hysterical Woman of The Week! Olive Deering as Thelma Tompkins from (1959)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents-

Season 4, Episode 25

The Kind Waitress (29 Mar. 1959)

Eleanor+Parker+Hope+Emerson+Olive+Deering in Caged
Olive Deering in Caged (1950) starring Eleanor Parker and Hope Emerson

Olive Deering (Caged 1950, Shock Treatment 1964) plays Thelma Tompkins a kind hearted waitress who toils in a hotel restaurant. She’s attentive and thoughtful doting on old Mrs.Sara Mannerheim (Celia Lovsky) who eats in the restaurant every evening.



Mrs. Mannerheim tells Olive that she is her only friend and has decided to leave her in her will, also bestowing on Thelma a brooch. But like all dark fairy tales, as the months creep forward, Mrs. Mannerheim becomes increasingly demanding,and Thelma becomes unhinged. You see…

Thelma’s musician boyfriend Arthur gets the idea to precipitate the old woman’s demise, instead of waiting for death to take her by inches, so, Thelma poisons old lady Mannerheim’s tea. Unfortunately for Thelma, the old woman has a constitution of stone and it doesn’t work.

Driven by an obsession to keep her boyfriend happy, and sick and tired of care taking, Thelma cracks and let’s loose her fury on the old lady.

Have some tea-MonsterGirl

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    1. Hey Thomas, the clip is from an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents tv series. You can find it on Netflix or perhaps Youtube. I own the complete series so that I can access them at will. I am such a huge fan of his show. They are mini masterpieces of suspense. And I think you’d enjoy them a lot if you haven’t already seen some of them…TV Land used to syndicate them for a while, but as I don’t have cable, I don’t know what’s available on tv anymore. Do try and get your hands on some episodes and let me know what you think. I plan on doing a series covering some of my favorites quite like I do for Boris Karloff’s Thriller -Thanks for stopping by my friend…

      1. Wow! That’s a great bit of helpful info, Thanks MG. I think I seen some of his at sam’s club but it wasn’t his entire collection? On a mission now…lol

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