the clip joint- Fourteen Hours (1951)



Directer Henry Hathaway’s (The Dark Corner 1946) taut film noir, about a desperately unhappy man who threatens to commit suicide by standing on the ledge of a high-rise building for 14 hours.

With an all star cast- Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, Barbara Bel Geddes, Debra Paget, Agnes Moorehead, Jeffrey Hunter, Howard Da Silva, Grace Kelly, Martin Gabel and Jeff Corey.

“From the edge of the ledge he defied them all!”




Don’t jump off now…MonsterGirl, helping you down off the ledge

7 thoughts on “the clip joint- Fourteen Hours (1951)

  1. Hey, Joey, great clip from 14 HOURS! It’s been a while since I saw it, but you definitely have me wanting to keep an eye out for it on TCM or Fox Movie Channel!

    As long as I have your attention, my friend, maybe you and your LAST DRIVE-IN followers can help me get some info on a B-movie suspense flick from sometime in the 1980s. I’m almost certain the movie has a three-word title, something like STEPPING INTO DARKNESS or something like that. (Our pal Fernan jokingly suggested “BARNEY GONE WILD”! :-)) The only thing I remember about the fool thing is this line from the film, taking place during a field trip at a huge museum, with emphasis on the dinosaurs’ mating habits:

    Teacher: “They are one in dinosaur. She honks.”

    If you can figure it out, please let me know! :-) Hope you and yours are having a Happy New Year so far!

    1. Perhaps you’re thinking of One Dark Night, where they spend a night in a museum where a beastie like an evil entity or genie is on the loose and ready to kill the teenagers? Like an archeological 80s slasher. I’ll do some thinking about it, and see if I can think of anything else. So far the new year is calm. Hoping you and yours are flowering into a wonderful new time yourselves. BTW I loved the piece your hubby did at Tales of The Easily Distracted – pop crime thrillers. Fabu- See ya round the bend my friend…

      1. Thanks for your speedy follow-up, Jo! While I’m not 100% sure ONE DARK NIGHT is the film in question, it’s a good place to start! Your 1980s slasher archeology is very much appreciated! :-D

        Vinnie and I both thank you ever so much for your kudos for Vin’s TotED caper movie post! By the way, the film he especially dwelt upon, our copy of WHO’S MINDING THE MINT? just arrived today from Warner Archives! Yay!

        P.S.: I’m currently working on a blog post about AUNTIE MAME, which is also a salute to my dear late mom. Heck, Mom could’ve given Auntie Mame a few pointers! :-)

      2. I’m not sure it’s the right film either, and you must let me know once you solve the mystery. I haven’t seen WHO’s MINDING THE MINT, but I’m very excited for you guys to have a family night filled with popcorn and arm chair asides.I’m certain it’s quite fun to watch films at your house…

        We do that here and it’s the best. I watched MAME recently, of course Rosalind Russell’s Mame, though I simply adore Lucille Ball’s version as well. Russell’s film is a hoot, and so I’ll wait with baited breath to read what you will no doubt give the utmost fabulous coverage to. The music, the warmth, and the performances are a memorable gem indeed.

        PS:I tried to share The Man Who Came To Dinner with our Christmas guests, but alas, Wendy and I were the only ones belly laughing round our screening room. Do you know where I can get an octopus shipped to my house? haha-See ya later deary

      3. Hey, Joey, maybe your guests need to warm up with a nice calamari appetizer before you serve the octopus? :-) I’ve always wondered how the Stanleys were able to fit Sherry Whiteside’s many Christmas gifts. I know they had a large home, but still! :-D

      4. So I must have been thinking of The Outing 1987 also known as The Lamp, which involves an ancient genie wreaking havoc with teenagers in a museum. One Dark Night starts Meg Tilly from 1983 and takes place in a Mausoleum.Either way, both are fun 80s fun. Now I’ve got a hankering to watch Meg in One Dark Night since I’ve pulled it out of the air… Hope you guys figure out which film you’re looking for…

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