Life Lessons from Barney Fife!

“No more care free hours, no more doin’ what you want, when ever you want. No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!”

No More Carefree Hours!- MonsterGirl

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Barney Fife!

  1. All this time I thought I was the only one who loves this scene! Don Knotts is an irreverent genuis as Barney fife. My personal favorite episode is the Loaded Goat with Bing Russell from Bonanza (my all time favorite classic series). Even though I am not much into horror or film noir, I am enjoying your feed, fwiw.

    1. So henrythemagus, it’s worth a lot to me, just to see a fellow Don Knotts lover! His characterization of Barney Fife is pure genius, you’re so right. I love the episode with Mrs Mendlebright “Up In Barney’s Room” and all his little mispronunciations, like “It’s therapetic” I am so glad that you’re stopping by even if you’re not a fan of horror or noir, makes no difference. You have a nostalgic strain running through your veins and it’s always nice to hear from new people! I’ll have to find another great Barney moment for the blog~

      Cheers- Joeythewiccan aka Monster Girl

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