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Postcards from Shadowland No. 8

Ace in The Hole 1951

Billy Wilder’s Ace in The Hole (1951) Starring Kirk Douglas and Jan Sterling

Brute Force

Jules Dassin’s prison noir masterpiece-Brute Force 1947 starring Burt Lancaster, Hume Cronyn, and Charles Bickford

citizen kane-

Orson Welles- Citizen Kane (1941) also starring Joseph Cotten

devil and daniel webster

William Dieterle’s The Devil and Daniel Webster 1941

hangover square

Directed by John Brahm-Hangover Square 1945 starring Laird Cregar , Linda Darnell and George Sanders

House by The River

Fritz Lang’s House By The River 1950 starring Louis Hayward, Lee Bowman and Jane Wyatt.

i cover waterfront-1933

I Cover the Waterfront 1933- Claudette Colbert, Ben Lyon and Ernest Torrence

Jewel Mayhew and Wills Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

Robert Aldrich’s Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte 1964 starring Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotton, Mary Astor, Agnes Moorehead and Cecil Kellaway

Key Largo

John Huston’s Key Largo 1948 Starring Edward G Robinson, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Killers Kiss

Stanley Kubrick’s Killers Kiss 1955 Starring Frank Silvera and Irene Kane.

Lady from Shanghai(1947)

Orson Welles penned the screenplay and stars in iconic film noir The Lady from Shanghai 1947 featuring the sensual Rita Hayworth, also starring Everett Sloane

lady in cage james caan++billingsley

Lady in a Cage 1964 directed by Walter Grauman and starring Olivia de Havilland, James Caan, and Jennifer Billingsley.

long dark hall

The Long Dark Hall 1951 Starring Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer

lorre M

Fritz Lang’s chilling M (1931) Starring Peter Lorre

Mark Robson The Seventh Victim

Mark Robson directs, Val Lewton’s occult shadow piece The Seventh Victim 1943 Starring Kim Hunter, Tim Conway and Jean Brooks

Meeting leo-Ace in the hole with leo 1951

Kirk Douglas in Ace In The Hole 1951 written and directed by Billy Wilder

mifune-and-yamamoto in Drunkin Angel 48

Akira Kurosawa’s film noir crime thriller Drunken Angel (1948) starring Takashi Shimura and Toshiro Mifune

Panic in the Streets

Elia Kazan’s socio-noir Panic in The Streets 1950 starring Jack Palance, Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes and Zero Mostel


Ingmar Bergman’s Persona 1966 starring Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson

Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades 1949 directed by Thorold Dickinson and starring Anton Walbrook, Edith Evans and Yvonne Mitchell

Saint Joan of the Angels 1

Director Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s beautifully filmed Mother Joan of The Angels 1961 starring Lucyna Winnicka.

shanghai express

Josef von Sternberg’s Shanghai Express 1932 Starring Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook and Anna May Wong

The Devil and Daniel Webster

The Devil and Daniel Webster 1941

The Haunting

Robert Wise’s The Haunting 1963. Screenplay by Nelson Gidding based on the novel by Shirley Jackson. Starring Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, and Russ Tamblyn

the Unsuspected_1947

Michael Curtiz’s The Unsuspected 1947 starring Claude Rains, Joan Caulfield and Audrey Totter


Luis Bunuel’s Viridiana 1961 Starring Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey and Fransisco Rabal

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Robert Aldrich’s cult grande dame classic starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford-What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? 1962

Twelve Neglected Characters from Classic Film.


1) The tragically poetic Pete Krumbein in Edmund Goulding’s Nightmare Alley 1947 played by Ian Keith

Franzi Kartos Caught 1949

2) The flamboyant Franzi Kartos in Caught 1949 portrayed by Curt Bois ‘darling’

Fred Foss- The Dark Corner 949

3) Stauffer, alias Fred Foss in The Dark Corner 1946-played by the wonderful William Bendix in the white linen suit…

Jan Sterling in Women's Prison -Brenda

4) Good hearted kite hanger, Brenda Martin in Women’s Prison 1955 – the eternal pixie Jan Sterling

Brute Force Jeff Corey Freshman Stack

5) Jeff Corey, as the cringing,cowardly informer ‘Freshman’ Stack in Brute Force 1947

Granny Tucker

6) Beulah Bondi as spiittin’ Granny Tucker in Jean Renoir’s The Southerner 1945 ‘Ah shuckity’

Ma Stone- Jane Darwell, The Devil & Daniel Webster

7) Ma Stone in William Dieterle The Devil and Daniel Webster 1941- the grand Jane Darwell

Wills and Jewel talk at tea-Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

8) Cecil Kellaway as Harry Wills and Mary Astor as Jewel Mayhew in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte 1964

Elisha Cook Jr. Jazz wild drummer Cliff-phantom ladyjpg

9) Cliff the jazz sexed drummer in Phantom Lady 1944- the ubiquitous Elisha Cook Jr.

(Ladies in Retirement)

10) Quirky sisters Louisa and Emily Creed in Ladies in Retirement 1941-Edith Barrett & Elsa Lanchester

From The Vault: The Long Dark Hall (1951)

the long dark hall 1951 film poster




Directed by Reginald Beck, and Anthony Bushell. Written by Nunnally Johnson, Edgar Lustgarten based on his book “A Case To Answer” and W.E. Fairchild. With cinematography by Wilkie Cooper (Stage Fright 1950, Jason and The Argonauts 1963), granting wisps of shadowy montages that are equally noirish, suspenseful and simply splendid.


Patricia Cutts gets no sympathy from me after slipping him a mickey and letting loose that darn Tingler on poor unsuspecting Vincent Price.

Yielding and obsessive Rex Harrison plays Arthur Groome a London gentleman married to the devoted and lovely Mary (Lilli Palmer.)Unfortunately Arthur becomes consumed by a flirtatious showgirl Rose Mallory (Patricia Cutts), who winds up being brutally knifed in her boarding house room, and left for the credulous Groome to become suspect one. First getting the splattter of Rose’s blood on his jacket, but then failing to prove his innocence in a sea of circumstantial evidence.

Condemned to hang, this allows the real serial killer played by the tall and eerie Anthony Dawson who looks frightened all the time, destroyer of wanton women who sees himself as ‘an instrument of justice‘, still lurking about, first at the trial spouting off about his obvious philosophy on sexually independent women, and then creepily shadowing poor Mrs. Groome, whom he idealizes as the perfect woman.














I’ll be up the long dark hall til next time ! -Yours always- MonsterGirl


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