From The Vault: Brainstorm (1965)

“The Most Fiendish Idea Ever Conceived By The Human Brain!”


This thriller from the 60s has an incredible cast, starring Jeffrey Hunter, Anne Francis, Dana Andrews, and Viveca Lindfors. Directed by William Conrad.

A young scientist saves an attractive married woman from a suicide attempt, becomes romantically involved with her, plots to kill her husband, and then fakes insanity to escape the murder charge.

The first Five minutes of Brainstorm 1965 set the slick and sinister vibe in motion on a dark and desolate noir highway against George Duning’s snazzy score, where Jim Graham (Hunter) stumbles upon Lorrie Benson (Francis) trying to commit suicide by train! He manages to get into the car and move it moments before the train comes hurling itself right behind them. The moment is dark and frenetic and possesses so much of what makes some of the best Noir/Psychological thrillers of the 60s so enigmatic…!

Reaching in through the broken window to unlock the car, moments before the impending train! A beautifully framed shot in Film Noir style…

Swedish-born actress Lindfors (Whom I consider to be one of the most underrated actresses, and one of my favorites as well.)plays Dr. Elizabeth Larstadt whose testimony keeps Grayam out of jail and sent to a sanitarium instead. Andrews plays Cort Benson, Lorrie’s Beverly Hills millionaire husband. With Michael Pate and Strother Martin, it is always a treat to see both character actors in anything trashy or classy.

Here’s a clip from Brainstorm 1965

There are thousands of films in my little collection, this is just one of them! Say, I just had a brainstorm… see it for yourself!-MonsterGirl

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