From The Vault: Edge of Fury (1958)

There’s a slew of films in my collection, here is just one of them!

Michael Higgins plays a very disturbed young man named Richard Barrie who after being released from an institution, insinuates himself into the Hackett family. Very taut and disturbing thriller based on the book “Wisteria Cottage” by Robert Coates.

Directed by Irving Lerner & Robert J Gurney Jr. Also starring Lois Holmes as Florence Hackett, Jean Allison as Eleanor Hackett, and Doris Fesette as Louisa Hackett.

“If anything should happen tonight, if anything should happen, don’t blame me…if anything should happen, darling.”

See if for yourself, MonsterGirl!

2 thoughts on “From The Vault: Edge of Fury (1958)

  1. Brrr, MonsterGirl, EDGE OF FURY sounds like it would keep us thriller fans on the collective edge of our seat! You find the coolest movies!

    All of us here hope your happy and well in your new digs!

  2. Dorian this flick is so stunningly chilling for it’s time. Quite disturbing and quietly well done, for a B exploit. It gave me the heebies in spots!

    I am getting used to my new digs. Need some more time to get my mojo back, so I can fling more posts daily. I’ll get it back. Thanks for the well wishes too! Great to see you here. BTW, just rediscovered Herbert Marshall on a few episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I have a new found adoration of the actor. Do you like him as well?
    What’s new with you too?
    Your fan, Joey MonsterGIrl

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