Two Men. Thousands of Faces… The Chaney Blogathon Nov.15th -18th


We’re so thrilled to have a collection of fabulous bloggers showing their appreciation for the two Chaney’s both father and son!

Celebrating the 88th anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera!



Friday November 15

Asta’s Doghouse Newspaper Ads special Lon Chaney Jr

Cable Car Guy Lon Chaney Sr. Scrapbook 1-Chaney Out-Chaney’s Chaney

Forgotten Films Review of The Mummy’s Curse

Furious Cinema The Alligator People

Grand Old Movies review BIG HOUSE USA

The Last Drive In The Unknown

Movies Silently Review of The Wicked Darling

Portraits by Jenni Review of Tell it to the Marines

Pre-Code.Com Review of The Unholy Three (1930)

Silver Scenes Review of The Wolf Man

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Review of High Noon

Saturday November 16

The Artistic Packrat Review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Cable Car GuyLon Chaney Sr. Scrapbook 2

Destroy All Fanboys The Defiant Ones

Durnmoose Movie Musings Review of Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

Crítica Retrô Review of The Penalty

The House of Lizarraga- Chaney Caricatures & More Chaney Caricatures

Monster Magazine World Lon Chaney vs Jack Pierce A Monster Makeup Smackdown

The Motion Pictures Review of The Black Sheep

Movies Silently Article on London After Midnight

Once Upon a Screen Father/Son Pictorial ‘A Wall of Faces’

Silent Volume Review of Oliver Twist

Silver ScenesAbbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Silver Screenings Review of Of Mice and Men

Tales of the Easily Distracted Review of My Favorite Brunette

Tales of the Easily Distracted  Review of Spider baby

Sunday November 17

Cable Car Guy Lon Chaney Jr. Scrapbook 1

Cinematic Catharsis Review of West of Zanzibar

Goregirl’s Dungeon House of Frankenstein

The Hitless Wonder Tribute to Lon Chaney Sr.

The Last Drive In Musical Tribute/Movie Montage

Movies Silently Review of Nomads of the North

Speakeasy Inner Sanctum films– Strange Confession, The Frozen Ghost & Calling Dr. Death!

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear The Ace of Hearts

Monday November 18

Cable Car Guy Lon Chaney Jr. Scrapbook 2

Classic Movie Hub Review of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Destroy All Fanboys Review of Indestructible Man

Esther J. Cepeda Review of Mockery

The Hitless Wonder Lon Chaney Jr. Tribute

Immortal Ephemera Dead Man’s Eyes An Inner Sanctum Mystery

The Last Drive InMan Made Monster-Slide Show

Midnight Palace Interview with Ron Chaney

The Movie Rat By the Sun’s Rays

Movies Silently Wicked Darling Chaney gif , Wicked Darling Peekaboo Chaney gif ,

The Ace of Hearts- Chaney tearing our hearts out gif

The Nitrate Diva The Wicked Darling

Once Upon a Screen Review of The Wolf Man

Retro Remote review Riddle Gawne

Silent Volume Review of The Unholy Three (1925)

TV’s Fault The Monster

Wide Screen World – Of Mice and Men

See you at the Opera!!!!

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13 thoughts on “Two Men. Thousands of Faces… The Chaney Blogathon Nov.15th -18th

  1. Thank you most kindly for holding this wonderful event. I look forward to enjoying the findings and writing of your many contributors, and hope many other readers will do the same.


    L. C.

  2. I just finished reading so many of these fine contributions. Brava! Brilliant blogathon! We’re going to link to this Chaney film spectacular on our own UK blog, if that is alright? Much thanks for putting this together.

    1. So wonderful to hear from you. Of course we’d be honored to have you link us to your fabulous UK blog. Stay in touch! and thanks for stopping by with your lovely comments-Cheers Joey

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