There’s ghosts & ghouls in the air this October!


For years now we’ve cherished a few traditions in our house. Once October kicks off for the month leading up to Halloween… I always like to set off the festivities with a little gem of an animated short called Graveyard Jamoree featuring a little curious guy named Mysterious Mose. He’s a man of mystery who’s roaming through the land!

Mysterious Mose is a song from the early 1930s written and performed originally by Walter Doyle and his Orchestra, then recorded for Columbia by Rube Bloom and His Bayou Boys.

In 1998 I stumbled onto the most delightful short film featuring a stroke of nostalgic puppetry & stop motion animation created by film makers Seamus Walsh & Mark Caballero.

Graveyard Jamboree highlights the antics of the otherworldly character Mysterious Mose who’s favorite haunt is a cemetery serenaded by various marvelous creatures playing some pretty handy instruments!!! This animated short features Walter Doyle’s song which was recorded in 1930 by Harry Reser and his Radio All-star Novelty Orchestra.

Watching this little spooky, merrymaking adventure just gives me goosebumps of joy every October, because it’s a beautifully imagined romp, and it always means that Halloween is waiting for us at the end of the long filled month of movie marathons and high ‘spirited’ fun!

So please grab yourself a few moments of Mose and say… Happy Almost Halloween!

Eternally MonsterGirl