Jane Eyre (1943) Joan Fontaine & Orson Welles: Charlotte Brontës beloved captives

JANE EYRE 1943 Directed by Robert Stevenson and Adapted from the  Charlotte Brontë novel by John Houseman, Aldous Huxley and Stevenson.

Starring the lovely Joan Fontaine as the empathetic Jane, Orson Welles as the brooding Edward Rochester, the great unsung character actor Henry Daniell, and 2 very young and wonderful actresses the uncredited immortal Elizabeth Taylor as Helen Burns and the pixie Margaret O’Brien as Adele. Also appearances by Agnes Moorehead and Hillary Brooke. And Peggy Ann Garner as young Jane.

Jo Gabriel’s Poison In The Well appears on my album Fools and Orphans.

MonsterGirl (jogabriel)

Boris Karloff’s Thriller: God Grante That She Lye Stille 1961″Until my body is restored to me”

Boris Karloff’s Thriller Season 2, Episode 5: God Grante That She Lye Stille

Original Air Date—23 October 1961

Directed by Hershel Daugherty and starring Sarah Marshall

JO GABRIEL’S “GOD GRANT SHE LYE STILL” appears on my album Fools and Orphans

Featuring the incredible performance by cellist Matt Turner

MonsterGirl (JoGabriel)