Jack Arnold’s Existential Sci-Fi Masterpiece The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957

Jack Arnold’s incredible tale of the eternally evolving man starring Grant Williams.

The song “Heavy” appears on my album Fools and Orphans. With a special guest vocal appearance by the late Jeff Ladd. Sadly the world lost Jeff on May 21, 2010

MonsterGirl ( JoGabriel )

Obscure Scream Gems: The Monolith Monsters 1957 “The desert’s full of things that don’t belong”


From Outer Space they Came! Now these amazing Monolith Monsters reveal Powers… Shocking beyond belief! The most startling Science-Fiction concept ever brought to the screen! Stranger than anything science had ever discovered as THRILL CROWDS UPON THRILL…”The Monolith Monsters”

The film starts out with the constellation of stars and planets. The vast universe in the scope of the night sky. The narrator in typical 50s vox populi style not unlike the control voice from the original The Outer Limits yet more cornball, warns us, setting up the prologue as the “explaining” portion of the film’s story. The origin of the phenomena that will soon hold a small desert town hostage with sheer panic and terror.

The earth comes into central focus on the screen surrounded by tiny lights of stars and darting flames like arrows pelting the strata that we see as long distant spectators. Continue reading “Obscure Scream Gems: The Monolith Monsters 1957 “The desert’s full of things that don’t belong””