Elevator To The Gallows (1958): A film by Louis Malle

Starring Jean Moreau. The song Angels In Concrete appears on my album

Hunting Down The Ceremony Volume 1

MashUp includes trumpet by Marty Robinson who did the studio session for me. I left in Miles Davis’ sultry trumpet performance toward the mid to end as a tribute.

The song “Angels In Concrete” was slated to be in indie film maker Steve Balderson’s  Stuck released in 2010 a neo /cult woman in prison film starring Karen Black.

Director Steve Balderson wanted to use this piece for the shower scene. There were several really wonderful candidates for added music. Needless to say, only the musical director /composer’s work wound up in the film.

Most of all, I was truly disappointed that my work didn’t make it in there, so it could be graced with the presence of the great Karen Black.

So here it is inspired by Elevator To The Gallows and Miles Davis’ wandering dream state magic, combined with”Angels In Concrete”

MonsterGirl (jogabriel)