Winner of The 2023 CMBA Best Classic Movie Series!

I am absolutely over the moon to share with all of you the exciting news that I have been honored by the Classic Movie Blog Association community with the 2023 CMBA Award for Best Classic Movie Series!

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There is nothing more important than standing together as a community to celebrate the enduring passion we all have for classic film and the legacy of those who contributed to the impact it has made on our culture, our collective consciousness, and our cinematic experience.

My gratitude for the acknowledgment of my work at The Last Drive In – where I have been blogging since 2008 goes very deep. Winning this first-time award just solidifies why I’m so happy to be in the company of so many wonderful people and truly terrific bloggers! This leads me to give hearty congratulations to the other winners of this year’s CMBA Awards!

It is genuinely inspiring to be a part of a global community of classic film aficionados, connecting with like-minded individuals.

Being a CMBA (Classic Movie Bloggers Association) member fills me with immense pride, as the organization plays a pivotal role in supporting film bloggers and preserving the legacy of classic cinema. Their unwavering commitment to classic films and their dedicated support for those who cherish and write about them is truly exceptional. I want to express my sincere appreciation for CMBA’s efforts in championing the cause of movie enthusiasts.

Cheers to the enduring magic of classical cinema!

Your EverLovin’ Joey

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