Happy Halloween from The Last Drive In! 🎃

I planned to offer a huge feature here on October 31st – in keeping with my tribute to those Scream Queens of Horror and Sci-Fi, as I have in the past, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s… but I’ve been experiencing technical issues with WordPress which I am trying to iron-maiden out. 

I hope you all have a very satisfying, scary and safe All Hallow’s Eve and take a stake throught the heart, I’ll be publishing BRIDES OF HORROR: SCREAM QUEENS OF THE 1960S this week. Better late than netherworld, as they say! Do they say that? No that’s just me!💀

Heroines & Scream Queens of Classic Horror: the 1940s! A very special Drive In Hall🎃ween treat!

So don’t run away, just yet…

This is Your EverLovin’ Joey sayin’ No tricks, All treats here at The Last Drive In! And say… Maybe when Aunt Ida and Aunt Hattie are done carving up those pumpkins, they’ll bake us some killer pies! 

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