Olivia de Havilland is gone with the wind…

Olivia de Havilland passes away- July 26, 2020

At 104 years old, this incredible Hollywood legend, leaves us behind. But we’ll remember her movies, her beauty and her spirit! I can hear Bette Davis saying “What took you so long!” 

I love you Olivia, Joey


4 thoughts on “Olivia de Havilland is gone with the wind…

  1. Margot, I’ll be doing an de Havilland marathon for sure. I also plan on giving her The Last Drive In treatment, clips etc. It’ll be wonderful to go over her tremendous body of work. Even Cousin Miriam in Hush, Hush… Sweet Charlotte! She was so great at being utter evil. I raise a toast to Livvie too! Cheers and sadness, Joey

  2. Joey–Olivia De Havilland was truly one of the greatest actresses of American cinema. I admired her harrowing work in “The Snake Pit” (1948), and a film (not mentioned in NY Times Obituary)–“Lady In A Cage” (1964). Times critic Bosley Crowther deemed it as “socially harmful.” Imagine what he would make of today’s cinema!

  3. She was one of the great Hollywood legends. Not only for her extraordinary beauty but for the memorable performances over the years, and her fearlessness.

    I actually did a feature on Lady in a Cage. Crowthers could be a cruel reviewer who lacked insight, but Walter Grauman’s work had a tendency to be violent, he had a rough and realistic vision of the world that wasn’t pleasant at times. The film was brutal so I’ll give Crowthers that much. Weighed against today’s standards it makes Lady in a Cage look like a Lifetime movie — Ioved her in My Cousin Rachel, The Heiress, The Dark Mirror and of course as Cousin Miriam in Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte. She was elegant and classy but she could pull off crazy or mean like no one else! Cheers Joey and here’s to Miss de Havilland!

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