Luminous actress Shirley Knight dies at 83 – April 22nd 2020


I will be writing a special tribute in honor of Award-Winning stage, film and television actress- Shirley Knight. She has been one of my favorite actors, underrated and extraordinarily authentic. She’ll be getting The Last Drive In treatment soon!

With great sadness, Joey

2 thoughts on “Luminous actress Shirley Knight dies at 83 – April 22nd 2020

  1. Shirley Knight was a terrific actress. I first saw in in Dutchman, a little known film from 1966 based on a play by Leroi Jones, aka Amiri Baraka. A powerful film about race. Sadly, still relevant today.

  2. I think she is such an underrated actress. Even her small dramatic television roles are memorable. I can imagine her contribution to a film that deals with race. (unfortunately it is still relevant today especially now.

    I’ll have to track down Dutchman. I need to see it. I love to offer as many clips as I can when I do a feature, and I’m a completist when I love someones work! Cheers, Joey

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