Coming to The Last Drive In…

70s Cinema: Runaway Trains, Racing toward oblivion, Psycho-sexual machinations and ‘the self loathing whore…

*The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)
*Vanishing Point
*Klute (1971)


This is your everlovin’ Joey saying-Grab a snack and I’ll be back!


4 thoughts on “Coming to The Last Drive In…

  1. I can’t wait. Pelham and Klute are on cable now on rotation, so I’ve seen them a few more times. Vanishing Point has been an old fave for decades and it’s been interesting to pick apart because it layers a few things in you might not see from one viewing.

    My late dad was a MTA motorman, so we saw Pelham in a theater when it came out and he pointed out lots of stuff they got right and wrong (he did really like the film).

    I recall he hated the French Connection because it did everything subway-related all wrong (even though it was a superb film overall). I remember us watching the film on TV once and he was shaking his head during the subway/car chase scene, then he later described what was wrong with it. Funny how expertise colors your view of a film, especially when mishandles the job you’re in so poorly!

    1. Hey there! I am slowly putting it all together. All three are such vital films of the 70s. Klute is a masterpiece. And Vanishing Point is an independent revelation. I think it’s so cool to hear the stories about your dad! I would love to hear more about his perspective on the films that touch on the 70s, given his personal experiences. I can’t wait to publish the piece and see what you think! It’s always appreciated… Cheers, Joey PS I hope you’re feeling well and staying safe–crazy times….

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