Happy Birthday to the extraordinary Piper Laurie January 22…

Coming up very soon– my special tribute “Piper Laurie: The Girl Who Ate Flowers”

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the extraordinary Piper Laurie January 22…

  1. I met Piper Laurie at a grocery store in LA. Of all places to see a Film Star! She was warm and gracious. She’s such an underappreciated actress who never really got the roles she deserved. We your fans can’t wait to read your tribute!

  2. Hi Sam! How wonderful to come across a great actress shopping for your groceries! She is one of the most soft spoken and gracious ladies. Her tribute should be up mid week with luck. I am currently putting work into her various clips of her incredible performances, some very rare that I had to hunt down…. I hope you like it and that Piper enjoys reading it! Cheers, Joey

  3. I had no idea the range of films and dramatic television shows she was in! And what a shame so many of those are not available to us. Thank you for this insight into her life and career!

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