Retro Television Ragbag 📺


Some of the great Saul Bass original title designs for shows like Quinn Martin Productions by Lee Goldberg, or evocative series scores from such notable composers as Billy Goldenberg, Jerry Goldsmith, Cyril Mockeridge, Pete Rugulo, Lynn Murray, John Williams, Dave Grusin, Nelson Riddle and more…!

Sit back and enjoy almost 3 hours of retro television intros from the 1960s to the 1970s. With a smattering of vintage commercials thrown in for your amusement! It’s the perfect backdrop when your looking to draw the whimsy of nostalgia up your flue!

See you ’round the snack bar… next up my interview with the legendary Lee Grant!

7 thoughts on “Retro Television Ragbag 📺

  1. Hi Monster Girl – another amazing collection to re-charge all our future yesterdays… OMG some of my all time favourites in here… and may I humbly offer to include those awesome Irwin Allen SciFi series; Lost In Space, Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea, Land of The Giants, Time Tunnel. While still with the supernatural: One Step Beyond. And what about the ITC vaults: The Baron, The Adventurer, The Champions, The Saint, Danger Man, The Prisoner, Man In a Suitcase, Department S, The Persuaders, Jason King, The Protectors, Randall & Hopkirk Deceased. Plus the coolest (but not so secret) Agents; The Man from Uncle. Then of course you could touch on all those great cop shows; The Rockford Files, Canon, Hawaii 5-0, Kojak, Perry Mason, Ironside, I-Spy. And the grand finale from our good friends at the IMF: Mission Impossible. That’s enough for now I will have to have another trawl to explore new shows, seek out strange new credits, to boldly go… ah I knew there was one other to mention; Star Trek. Will get back to you re some FAB commercials but we’ll get things rolling with National Benzole’s Getaway People and who could deny Coke’s I’d Like to buy The World a Coke (Mountain Hilltop). I think my dad’s old man Men archive may have a few gems locked away; yes he was a real (M)ad Man during that golden era… happy viewing folks with good wishes from London England

  2. Mihcael!!!-

    If you can wade through all three hours of this hodgepodge you will see that I do include Los In Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants, The Rockford Files, Cannon, Kojak, Ironside and a whole slew of shows you might have either forgotten or didn’t think of… there’s a lot to go through.

    It too quite a while to compile and edit all these together… I’m so glad that it’s taking you back as it does me. And BTW, I haven’t forgotten that we’re going to do a nice feature on your granddad Carl Jaffe very soon I promise. He’s an ever present and most talented character actor!

    It’s always a pleasure to see you around The Last Drive In Cheers, Joey

  3. Busy as sin these days (well, busy for me), but this looks like I’ll lose a few years watching it (Dorian Grey style!). Thanks for the edit and looking forward to aging in reverse! :)

    1. You have been busy I’ve been enjoying all your reviews of some great films! I can’t wait to dive into The Possessed! And if you’re aging in reverse, maybe we can meet up between 1968-1973! See ya there… hope you enjoy all the little rare goodness built into this ragbag of vintage treasures…. Cheers, Joey

  4. Hi Joey
    Thanks for correcting me on those that you’d already put in the mix; I have disconnected my man brain from the present world to allow my mind to withstand the marathon mental challenge that lies ahed of me…! – I certainly look forward to working with you on Grandpa CH-Jaffé feature when you are ready and never doubted for a moment that you have boldly been… just a little bit occupied recently; some gigs and stuff with famous faces I gather… best wishes Michael

  5. This is wonderful! You reminded me that we have the M*A*S*H series on DVD, but haven’t watched it in years. Time to dig them out again!

    Also: I always loved the way Mary Tyler Moore throws her hat up in the air.

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