Quote of the Day! The Accused (1949)

Loretta Young plays Wilma Tuttle, a charming yet slightly repressed psychology professor, who after allowing one of her aggressively sleazy students Bill Perry (Douglas Dick) to drive her home, kills him in self-defense after he attempts to rape her. Wilma in a panic tries to cover up her sympathetic crime. Director William Dieterle creates a taut little psychological coil that unwinds as homicide detective Lt. Ted Dorgan (Wendell Corey) tries to solve the murder while tossing out the sharp-edged lines. The investigation causes great angst for Wilma with Young’s inner monologues regaling us of her guilty conscience, amidst her budding romance with Warren Ford (Robert Cummins). The film co-stars Sam Jaffe as Dr. Romley.

Wendell Corey as Lt. Ted Dorgan-“You know sometimes I wish there were two of me. We generally do work in pairs. The idea being that one could be mean, the other one nice.

In my next life I’m gonna be a minister. Never have to pick on anybody but the devil.”

This is your EverLovin’ Joey saying sometimes I wish there were two of me, so I could get more done!


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day! The Accused (1949)

  1. Joey- Good to see you posting again.Hope that means you are feeling better.Haven’t seen this in awhile. Young always good in conflicted roles(THE STRANGER). And Corey a fave noir supporting actor.Love him as Steiger’s unctuous lackey in THE BIG KNIFR

  2. Still not back to myself yet, it’s been a rough Summer, but thanks for thinking of me! Corey is one of my fav noir fellas too… I’m sure you’ve seen him in The Killer is Loose 1956! He’s so effectively creepy in that one… I’ll be back soon in better shape, Cheers Joey

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