Classic TV Blog Association: Announces the 25 Greatest Classic TV Series


After careful deliberation & shared concentration on some of the most groundbreaking and beloved classic television series, the final list is here! Visit Classic TV Blog Associations Blog (Link Above) to read how the list evolved…

I am proud to have been part of this project. Many of the shows included on the final list were series I suggested and while series such as Naked City, Boris Karloff’s Thriller, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Dark Shadows, Dr. Kildare, Kolchak: The Night Stalker and Leave It To Beaver didn’t make the ultimate tally, I am content that many many fans will agree it is an all inclusive collection of shows that contributed to our collective consciousness, influenced generations of series to follow and left indelible impressions in our hearts and minds.

  1. The Twilight Zone

  2. I Love Lucy

  3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

  4. Columbo

  5. All in the Family

  6. Dragnet

  7. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

  8. Star Trek

  9. The Prisoner

  10. M*A*S*H

  11. The Dick Van Dyke Show

  12. The Fugitive

  13. Dallas

  14. Doctor Who

  15. The Andy Griffith Show

  16. The Defenders

  17. The Golden Girls

  18. Perry Mason

  19. SCTV

  20. The Honeymooners

  21. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

  22. Hill Street Blues

  23. The Odd Couple

  24. The Outer Limits

  25. The Avengers

Your EverLovin’ Joey saying see ya soon and keep showing your love for those classic series that will forever remain –the finest television viewing experience for all time…

3 thoughts on “Classic TV Blog Association: Announces the 25 Greatest Classic TV Series

  1. The headline is STIRLING SILLIPHANT SLIGHTED AGAIN. Stirling was overlooked for never getting a screenwriter Emmy for NAKED CITY and ROUTE 66. And neither makes this list. A crying shame! And THE PRISONER- an overwrought pretentious show that could have been more entertainly dispatched in an hr. long TWILITE ZONE- is on the list. In the same vein- GOLDEN GIRLS but not MAUDE??????
    Two Glaring omissions- THE GOLDBERGS- Gertrude Berg not only starred but wrote for this show which is the ‘ grandmother’ of family sit coms. THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW – the template for variety shows. And you are right about DR. KILDARE- the precursor of prime time medical dramas. And where is TAXI???

  2. Excellent, and even more so that The Prisoner made the cut. Even as a kid, that series kept me glued to the screen (although it took re-viewing it as a adult to really appreciate it).

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