A Trailer a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! From Hell It Came (1957)


Opening crawl: In Haiti, a corpse walks, as a Zombi! In primitive India, the dead return as animals! On certain Pacific Atolls, a warrior treacherously murdered, my turn into a tree! Or so it is said by the Shamans… Our story occurs on a savage island where a Prince is killed unjustly. The victim was buried upright in a hollow tree trunk. The legend says that “the tree walked to avenge its wrongs!”

On a South Seas island, Prince Kimo (Gregg Palmer) is purposefully accused of murdering the tribal chief in order to get him out of the way for Maranka to be crowned the new chief (Baynes Barron) with his conniving witch doctor Tano ( Robert Swan) controlling everything. Before Kimo is executed he vows revenge on those who have wronged him, including his treacherous wife Naomi (Tani Marsh) The Mad Doctor of Market Street 1942.

Kimo comes back as a tree monster Tabanga, the ancient spirit of vengeance who wreaks havoc on the island. Meanwhile, a group of American scientists Tod Andrews as Dr. William Arnold and Tina Carver (Hell on Frisco Bay 1955, The Man Who Turned to Stone 1957), as Dr. Terry Mason who are not trusted by the tribe, are busy setting up their scientific research lab. They are studying the effects of atomic fallout and radiation and get caught up in the mayhem!

First, the Tabanga shows up at the sight of Kimo’s grave as a little stump in the dirt. Then as it begins to push out of the ground, the scientists dig him up and bring him back to the laboratory, where they discover the tree monster has a heartbeat!

The standout besides the great Tabanga himself is the always feisty presence of Linda Watkins as Mrs. Mae Kilgore.

Dr. Arnold:“Maybe we ought to ship it back to the States. It would make a great scarecrow.”


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8 thoughts on “A Trailer a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! From Hell It Came (1957)

  1. There’s my childhood favorite (well, one of *many* “B’s”). Gotta love that the monster is “Baranga” in the trailer, but “Tabanga” or “Tobanga” in the film or in print. I guess they did the renaming and/or re-dubbing after it was made. That said, I think this wood (heh) be an easier Halloween costume to make than a Giant Claw outfit, right?

    1. The Baranga / Tabanga mix up is very confusing isn’t it !!! I love that monster no matter what name he goes by lol
      I think I’m too short to pull of the costume/ maybe I should be a killer shrew!!!!!!

      1. Let’s see now… KILLER SHREW costume: 1 fake fur jacket or short coat (vintage), 1 set of fangs, 1 set dog ears (preferably homemade), 1 faux fur tail. 1 pair brown cotton work gloves (sewn on faux fur optional) wig matching that fur (optional).

        Hmmm. You’ll either look like a Killer Shrew or an out of fashion werewolf about to take a stroll down 5th Avenue on a weekend. Both work, I think.

      2. I’ve got all those accoutrement except the faux dog’s ear. I’ll wind up looking more like my Great Uncle Mordicai from Eastern Europe! My brother and I have long suspected that we are descendants of either Vampires or Werewolves or both! And If I strolled down 5th Avenue with my sheared muskrat coat some PETA activist might splash a bucket of red paint on me. Which might actually add a nice bloody touch…

  2. This is one of those jungle movies that made c young mind fearful of quicksand pools.

    Worth mentioning that celebrated Paul Blaisdell designed the creature and though his designed was used, he did not have the time to build it as he was knotted up with another commission. He received neither credit nor payment for his work.

    (from Paul Blaisdell: Monster Maker by Randy Palmer)

    1. It’s really unfortunate that Paul Blaisdell did not get credit for his awesome imaginary creatures! You might enjoy these old posts of mine…



      Thanks for stopping by The Last Drive In… and Stay away from quicksand!!!!

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