A Legend -Burt Reynolds Dies at 82-

I feel compelled now to lead this post with the image of Burt Reynolds centerfold for Cosmopolitan in 1972. Since Facebook has been doing a mad dash to inflict their scrutiny & censorship , not on Russian interference, no… but on a rather tame and harmless image of an American icon’s virility…

Burt Reynolds regretted having done the lay out for Helen Gurley Brown, believing that it marred his career. In retrospect, I believe it was a bold and unprecedented move for a beloved male sex symbol and top box office star.

Here’s a special A Trailer a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! in honor of an American Icon, featuring one of my favorite directors- Robert Aldrich’s The Longest Yard 1974 which showcased Burt Reynold’s talent as an actor demonstrating that he wasn’t just a macho stud and then he permeated the screen with his authentic brand of cool in John Boorman’s savage commentary on humanity & survival in Deliverance 1972. Here’s a few great film trailers to remember him by…

I won’t say “Goodbye Burt Reynolds”, I’ll just say see you in the movies, Your EverLovin’ fan Joey

3 thoughts on “A Legend -Burt Reynolds Dies at 82-

  1. Thanks for trailers. Agree with your comments. Also Burt did good work on STARTING OVER THE END re:his personal life.If there is a hereafter wonder what Inger Stevens said to him.

    1. I did think of Starting Over and The End. He’s very good in romantic comedies. You know, Inger Stevens had such a tragic ending to her life. I can’t remember if Burt was the love of her life or not. I know she suffered from depression and had two suicide attempts, the last one took. It’s very sad. Hopefully she’s happy and Burt gave her one of his glorious laughs.

  2. That squirrel made me laugh a wee bit too much, but yes, facebook seems run by either prudes or folks who think guys are supposed to be smooth as marble statues or whatever (a Photoshopped fig leaf might have helped… or maybe not). Thanks for posting those trailers! :D

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